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Jet Lagging

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just got back from Manila and I can’t sleep, its 4am and I’m up typing a blog. Its crazy to be home. I just got back from filming a movie called, “Subject: I Love You”. This is a film about the “Love Bug,” computer virus that came out of the Philippines in the year 2000 that caused billions of dollars in damage. This was my first time shooting in Manila and the experience was amazing. When I go home, the love and support I get is astounding, most of the people I meet are simply proud of me for bringing pride to Filipino’s in Hollywood, and they are proud of me like a family member is proud of you… The month away had a profound effect on me.

Beyond just being affected by the magic of Manila, I was very blessed to work with such gifted artist, which have now become friends. The director Francis Delatorre is a young and promising film maker, who brought us all together. I had the pleasure of working with Filipino superstars like Gary V. and Jericho Rosales, who were both so extremely talented and who I know am blessed to call them friends.

Going home to work has been a dream of mine for years, many folks there and here in the states have been looking to me to be apart of building a bridge from the talent in the homeland to connect with those of us here, stateside. This may be a big stepping stone. The talent is definitely there and when we build this bridge it will not be just me going home to do films, it’ll be a two way street, it’ll be bringing some of the Filipino talent to Hollywood to do work here.

Its been an exciting month abroad, connecting with my home away from home, getting the keys to Manila and having the time of my life, shooting a movie in which i got to play a character that I had so much fun with. This guy may surprise some, I was able o play a veery comical guy that I see as Mercutio to Jericho’s Romeo.

Simply a wonderful experience… I piece of me fell in love with Manila and I know in my heart that I will be going back to work and have the Philippines apart of my life.

But now I’m back in L.A. about to get back to my life here, longing to get back there soon.


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