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this was a real “entourage” moment…

Dodgers & Dinner Parties…

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

So on Sunday I was invited to attend a Los Angeles Dodgers game at Dodgers’ Stadium for “Dodger Day”, an event thrown by a foster kids program where a bunch of foster kids get to come to the game for free and meet some celebrities. For many of these kids, its the first baseball game they’ve ever been to. Of course an event like this is my pleasure. First and foremost, its a great cause and all the kids you meet are so cool and just happy to be there and excited about the game. You take a few pictures and sign a few autographs and get to watch the game from some VIP suite  and eat free food. Who wouldn’t want to do that? But beyond all that, I actually got to walk on the field before the game and just hang out with the other celebs and some of the team, it’s pretty amazing. I really felt like a kid in awe. I mean, not that I was ever really that great in baseball (well, I was an “All-Star” on my little league team… but my dad was the coach, so…) but its just an awesome experience. Its one of those little perks you get every now and then because you got a little celebrity status, I say take it and enjoy… And I did. One of the best things about it was I got to bring my dad. Growing up, baseball was one of the sports we played most together, sometimes I forget about those days, but there’s just something about going to a baseball game with your dad… Its one of those special things a son will always love.

Now tonight… We had the strangest, but coolest dinner party. My girlfriend thought we should cook dinner tonight at my house, see we eat out quite a lot, at least twice a day, which is kinda crazy and when you look back on your months spending, it tends to be embarrassing. So being the producer and business minded person she is, she’s always trying to figure out ways to save me a little money and besides, it seemed like a good change of pace. Well, tonight it was me and my boys and her and a few of her girls. She cooked collard greens and corn (which were delicious by the way) and I cooked homemade turkey chili (she doesn’t touch red meat) and baked potatoes. One of our friends made a charming salad and some others brought beverages. And for the record, as far as saving money when  you cook… I never seem to, I went grocery shopping and easily spent twice, if not three times as much as I would of if I had went out, and I still have to cook it, let alone clean the dishes… But it was pretty good if I say so myself.

I know you’re saying, this seems pretty normal… but see, as we were cooking, I’m stirring my chili masterpiece on the stove and my girl is checking on here greens, our whole crew is just chillin in the kitchen, talkin’… a little clever conversation. I see someone walk down our driveway to come into our backdoor. I have no idea who it is, I figure someone my girl must have invited. I look back and I see my brother Dion with a strange look on his face as this stranger walks into our house… all of a sudden I realize its Adrian Grenier… you know, the guy who plays “Vince” on Entourage. I mean, I know I live in Hollywood and work in the business and have plenty of celebrity friends… but this is just out of the ordinary… It sure as hell took me by surprise. Hell, I played a character on his show (which we talked a bit about) and it still tripped me out. He stumbled into my kitchen through the back door as if he stepped right off the set of his show, I almost expected him to be followed by Drama and Turtle. But he said he was supposed to meet one of my girlfriend’s friends here. It, or he as it were, was an unexpected surprise. He was very cool. He enjoyed the food, we gave him San Miguel beer from the Philippines, which he claimed to enjoy both and he shared with us great conversation about music, woman, life and the pursuit of “what’s it really all about?”… He was genuinely a cool guy. And as he and our lady friend said their goodbyes… In enters yet another surprise. Now, another friend of my girlfriend enters our little dinner party with her cousin from Australia, who just happens to be a 6 time world champion of kick boxing. I know through his stories that he is pretty well known in those circles and down under. In any case, he is a good time. I mean he really lights up a room with his presence and charm and stories and accent. We ended up “you tubing” him and watched a few of his more memorable fights. He’s the real deal… I ended up standing eye to eye with him, sizing him up a bit, not much taller then me, but would no doubt snap me like a twig faster then I could think to throw a punch. I ended taking funny pictures with him as he taught me a choke hold.

So this little dinner party was attended by a handful of actors and musicians, a film & tv producer (my girlfriend), a clothing designer, a celebrity bodygaurd to the likes of Antonio Banderas and Mel Gibson, a bona fide television star & a world champion kick boxer… Only in L.A.


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