Up In the Air…

Posted: December 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

So I watched the film tonight, you know, the George Clooney film. Some say that this film may win the Oscar for best of the year and George may even get an Oscar himself… I don’t doubt both will be nominated.

Now, I’m not a critic, but I liked the film… It’s not your typical “Hollywood” film where everything gets tied up nice and neat by the end… (most people want that most of the time and I admit I too find myself yearning for things like that sometimes) but this film isn’t like that. This film shows a lifestyle very unique unto the main character, pretty fascinating actually and somewhat of a story of a piece of that one man’s life, but somehow I related… Guess thats what good films do, huh?

It definitely had some statement or commentary on our world today, I think I got it or at least I felt it, in that way when you can appreciate a great painting yet may not be able to sum it up in words. There was a sadness with no real answer, none but to go through it I guess… But humor, yes always humor and in only the way Clooney can deliver it, with ease and cool. He’s still got to be one of the coolest guys on the planet… definitely top ten, if not all time, at least alive today. See, the thing I related to is the being on the road. I’m no where near the time spent on the road as the character in the film, but being an actor and shooting all over the country and world sometimes, I found myself many of times in somewhat bland hotel room and amongst people who I don’t know at all… and with that you become what you like, at least what you like about yourself… meaning, the things you most like about yourself sometimes come out and are on view when your out on the road and location and sometimes the people you meet on the road and the adventures you have seem kind of weird and out of place when you get home to real life… Just thinking out loud… Anyway, this film… probably getting nominated for best film and deserves it, George too, although saw a preview of a film Jeff Bridges is in, playing some old crusty country western singer and he looked like he won the Oscar in the trailer. Sometimes George is just so cool… almost too cool, my heart doesn’t break for him… at least not enough.

In this film, as in life, was sadness, humor, romance and sex… and sadness. I’m thinking about it and looking for the hope, I think there was hope… Yes, there was hope… maybe I need to watch it again.

  1. Abby says:

    I analyze movies when I watch them, too. Rock on! Have a great holiday!
    Your fan,

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