Last Day of the Year…

Posted: January 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

So it’s the last day of the year… hell, the last day of the decade! You know when you were younger and all the old folks said time will start flying by when you get older and you just looked at them like they were crazy… Yeah, now I understand and I’m the one saying… “Wow… time really flies by!” I mean, seriously, I remember like it was yesterday, New Year’s Eve 1999… Of course, everyone was trippin’, wondering if all our computers were going to crash at midnight… Me and the brothers were living up in Laurel Canyon in this great big 3 story house with Adam and Max… Max swimming around in the pool, my friends Tray & Loretta were there with us (before they had their three daughters) were all watching the new millenium celebrations all around the world… crazy… in my mind it feels like just a few years ago, maybe, like three… but it’s been a whole decade.

So on the last day of the year, I take a little time to clean up my house and reflect a bit on everything that’s happened this year… and last decade for that matter…

This year… I wrote my first play, “Midnight Makeout Session”…. I wrote my first book, “Dante’s Poetry Lounge”… Traveled a bit to Australia and New Zealand… Started a new animated show called “Zevo 3″… did a play, I haven’t been onstage in forever, but it was great, “IXNAY” at East West Players… I got to golf in Fuzzy Zoellers invitational tournament, tried not to embarrass myself… and ummm… so much more I’m sure… but I am sure that I’ve been in love for another year and been engaged all year…

As far as the last decade goes… who can say… so much right? It’s like I grew up in the last ten years… Here are some highlights and not in chronological order… made up with my parents who I didn’t talk to for like 7 years… my sister to for that matter. (everything is great now with my family and for that I am eternally grateful) Fell in love… (probably a few times through out the decade, but one that actually stuck!)… got engaged (& I know, I know… I’m getting married soon!)… broke away from a “cultish” acting class (hey, we all have our own “True Hollywood Stories”)… Shot a bunch of films and television stuff including “Take the Lead” and “Avatar”… I got some achievement awards from different Asian-American groups for pioneering work in film and television (hey, they said it not me… I just accepted)… performed a bunch with my brothers both musically and theatrically… not a bad decade… not at all…

Yeah… the last day of the decade… you know, the world changed in the last decade, the last year even… Obama… Michael died…

My world changed too… on to 2010… let’s see what happens next.

  1. shar says:

    Yeah i can’t believe a decade has passed already and i hadnt really thought of it until this post you put up just now. It’s crazy. Just 10 years ago i was 15. Its bugs me out the mindset i was in then to the one i’m in now… Happy New year!!!

  2. goldlilys says:

    Yah, 10 years ago, I was 16. Worried about the Y2K bug (nothing happened). Played Final Fantasy 8 (now it’s 13). Went to high school (now it’s work) . And crazy things in between. Man, time sure does fly by.

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