Back In Class… (writing class that is…)

Posted: February 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Dreading to start this new writing class or “re-writing” class that is… They say the key to writing a good script is in the “re-writing”! I don’t dread class because I think its going to be bad, in fact, I know it will be good for me… I just dread it because it “class”, school y’know? I gradutated high school a lifetime ago and didn’t go to college… Well, I did go to junior college for all of 1 day. Santa Monica city college, two classes, “drawing” & “photography”… No hot chicks in either class, dropped out in my first week… I think SMC may still owe me for a refund from dropping out so quick… I just think, maybe I don’t like “school”. But I must admit, I like when I’m in class, it makes me get back into the mind set of working on a craft… This time its writing, which I do love doing, but don’t do nearly as much as I should. I haven’t even looked at my play since the reading of the first draft months ago. But starting this class and rereading my play & beginning to write new pieces, its nice to revisit these character’s and hear them talking in my head again. I guess like most artist, I am a procrastinator and need deadlines to fulfill my potential. Looking forward to going through the process of rewriting “Midnight Makeout Session” and maybe even get me inspired to blog more!

  1. mark b says:

    I know what you mean. I’ve been contemplating going back to school for “drawing” as I would like to one day work in the comic biz. But lately I’ve been thinking about going back for writing because as a child I was always writing short stories, and I think I would be more suited for it than being an artist.

    I do feel you’re pain though. After a long hiatus away from school and academic facilities, it feels so weird to go back. The closest I got was a night class one day a week, and even that was too much of a shock for me. Guess you just gotta ease her in.

    Good luck with the screenplay, and I hope to see it out there one day.

  2. Anthony Cennamo says:

    School is school, you know? Interesting? Yes. Fun? Not really.

    “I guess like most artist, I am a procrastinator…” < My worst enemy is procrastination. I was going to explain why, but maybe i'll do it later…

    Good Luck with your re-write class.

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