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Posted: February 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today I was going through the address book on my blackberry and I have 1246 contacts… That’s right… 1246… Over a thousand contacts and I wonder… Who are all these people?!?!?! I mean, seriously… How did all these people get into my phone and when exactly was the last time I called most of these people… Randy… Hhhmmm… Who is this Randy? I put “club promoter” under the category labeled “title”. So, this Randy, club promoter… When did I get your number and what club did you promote? Did I ever go to your club and more importantly have I ever called you? It seems as the years go by I seem to acquire more and more “contacts” and yet I never seem to contact most of them. I wonder how many people I actually call from this 1000 plus list… Family of course, and even some of them I don’t call that often… but  you need the info right, just in case… and besides, they’re family! Ok, I come across a number of an ex girlfriend… well, you can’t erase that number can you? I mean, that’s a piece of your past… hell, that number is probably the last piece of that relationship that even exist! I haven’t called the number in probably 10 years and its probably not even her number anymore… but still, you don’t erase… purely for nostalgia… or incase of the event that she actually happens to call you, you can see its her and ultimately not pick it up and send it to voicemail… So those numbers stay in the list of 1246 contacts. Also, I have managed to have a handful of celebrity phone numbers in my blackberry… Some I’ve worked with and promised to keep in touch, I have failed, always thinking they probably have other things to do or perhaps are too busy, hell, I seemed to get busy myself and caught up in my own life to stay in contact as much as I would like. Some celebs I happen to exchange numbers with just through meeting them by chance and their as much of a fan of mine as I am there’s, so we exchange numbers. Actually happened with Kanye West and I ran across his number. I did call him once and he actually did answer. Funny, huh, he told me to come down to a video shoot he was going to do in LA. I wasn’t able to make it, and never called him again… I don’t think I’m the best at keeping in touch… I do have every intention of doing just that when I actually get your number, but somehow fall short of it. So now I’ve come to see that I may just be a hoarder when it comes to this address book… I at least have the tendencies. I’ve watched that television show about “hoarders” and I see these people, mostly women, mostly in nice neighborhoods and nice houses, from the outside, only to be filled with junk on the inside, filled to the brink with clutter and madness. Maybe I have quietly and privately judged these poor souls thinking I was nothing like them, but little did I realize that I had in my very own pocket, an immaculate, pristine blackberry filled to the brink with people I can scarcely remember I have even ever met, yet their direct line of communication rest in my pocket and I carry them around with me all day!

  1. Mae says:

    man, that’s a LOT!!! but that’s true, you just can’t delete a number, who knows u might need it. right? 🙂

  2. BK says:

    Yeah. I got contacts from my job from 6 years ago. Never had the need or desire to contact em but who cares.

  3. jess says:

    i used to be that way but i lost my phone once and lost all the numbers that went with it…and when i got the new replacement phone i started to accumulate the numbers that really mattered …it was nice

  4. Ri says:

    It just so happened that I lived in different countries and cities for some time in my life. So every time I went to a new place I got a new cell phone, cause some countries I went to like Japan, Russia, Korea, the U.S. use different network technologies. Anyways, every time I left for some new place it hurt so much to say good bye to all the people I met there that I always kept my cell phones with old messages, pictures and videos. If I put all the contacts from all my phones together the list would probably be as long as Dante’s. I dream of the time when I will have my “last” cell phone with a short contact list of my family members and close friends who I would never have to leave. But my nearest future is London, Moscow, Sakhalin and San Francisco.

    Anyways, I really enjoy reading these posts whoever really writes them.

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