Posted: March 8, 2010 in Poems

How much do you owe?

I know sometimes it seems intangible

Sometimes when your stressed it seems so unmanigable

Often wonder what you bought, where did the money go?

Like Wimpy say…

“I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

But no one in our youth

Taught us about the an intrest rate

Simply meaning

When you finally pay off that burger that you ate

You could of bought that burger plus a side of fries… large Coke and a shake

Might even of bought the plate!

At least it fed your hunger

Remember when you were younger

You ran out of money and thought you were broke

No dinero… debt don’t stop at zero

Matter fact, getting back to zero is your hope!

But nope! I don’t think so!

It just accumulates, now the weight

Of the world is on your shoulders

Now your trying to hold it down

That’s how over half the country is living now

Living beyond their means… think we got to sell the house

Looking at the president wondering who the hell is going to bail us out!

The answer is no one

The days of “We will overcome!” have arrived

We have no one but ourselves left to be responsible for our lives

This hole that I stand in, I dug it myself

But in order to get out, I may need some help

First & foremost, open your mail… confront your bills & your debt

It’s the first step of the ladder to get out of this shit

Next- don’t be a pawn in this game that they made

Educate yourself in the matters of money so you don’t get played

To start you off, I’ll simply say

STOP spending more money then you ACTUALLY make!

& in this world that we live, when it comes to trust & your word

There’s an actual measurement for this called your “credit report score”

Like it or not you are judged by your debt

No disrespect, but you better get checked

Its just debt… You are not what you owe

But it needs to be addressed

This debt… & its time to let go.

  1. Mik says:

    Like this…A LOT.

  2. msbangerang18 says:

    That’s for sure how I feel. They gave a college kid a credit card. What did they think was guna happen? Haha but yea, I liked it 😉

  3. xBenji65 says:

    for a second there I thought you were in debt. (yeah, i’m new here)

  4. I’m very impressed with your poetry, it’s raw like mine.

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