Were not in Kansas anymore…

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

At the airport about to leave Kansas… came out to film a little adventure with some good friends. Who says you can’t shoot a film in a week, somehow we did it, didn’t sleep much, but somehow got it done.

Crazy thing is, it was my first time out in Kansas and I saw a bunch of things that my LA ass doesn’t get to see everyday. First, I never realized how flat is is out here you can literally see for miles and the clouds are like images from a museum. There were plenty of tornado scares while I was here… real wizard of oz, dark skies, wind and rain tornado warnings. While I was feeling weary about the situation, the locals just blew it off like, don’t worry about it…. and the locals! I must say I met some pretty “real” people, when I say real, I mean, I’m at the bar and the guy on the mic singing some country song (one I never hears of, by the way, yet the rest of the bar is just a singin along) and he’s wearing a John Deer hat, one I am positive he didn’t get at Urban Outfitters and Chris, the fella wearing the cowboy hat is not wearing cause it matches his outfit or it some look he’s going for, he’s wearing that thing cause he’s actually a cowboy!

Good people though… sometimes when tour from the coast we we tend to think of where we live is America, but in truth, its only half the story… its good to get out sometimes and see what out there. Big shout out to all the friends and folks that I met out here in Salina, Kansas… a lot of love and support!

And for those who want to know what tba films about, bot sure ok at liberty to spill the beans just yet… I will say, when it hits the festival circuit, you will hear about it because is quite controversial… but still its a romantic comedy… with a few twists… way out twist!

Bye, Kansas… LA, I’m coming home!

  1. Grayson says:


    I’m a big fan of yours and have been for a while. I just found out about this blog and my attention was quickly focused to this blog (maybe it was the Oz reference in the title) but I had to read it seeing as how a friend and I went on a road trip last year which took us through Kansas.

    We stop in Manhatten (not the one I am from and used too!) and stayed with his siser for the night, who is in school out there. Now first let me say that the people in Kansas are great… the few I had the chance to meet anyway, but we got on the road early the next morning and WOW… I mean WOW!

    While I agree that the plains are nice to look at and it is somewhat amazing when you go out and take a look (“as far as the eye can see” gains a whole new meaning) I do have to say that that same view is somewhat less exciting when you are creeping up on hour 6 of a 9 hour drive through that state. My good, there is NOTHING in the whole place. I mean nothing. I think at the 7 hour mark I was making up new state slogans like – Kansas: There ain’t sh*t here, so why are you?! or Kansas: There’s nothing to remember, and thats why you’ll never forget us! Needless to say the experience was… interesting. Maybe I should go back and stay in a town for a few days because right now, the best part of my trip through Kansas was reaching Colorado!

    Like I said I am a big fan. Wish you continued success, health and happiness.


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