I<3LA(song)Congrats Lakers!!!

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I’m a Cali kid and have always been a Lakers fan, since back in the days of Magic. Last night it seemed like the whole town was glued to a tv to watch one of the sickest game 7’s ever. I watched the whole series from a hotel room in Kansas while shooting a flick for the last week or so, but it was so great to get home to catch the last game. I’m so glad they won, LA would be just horrible to walk around all summer in LA if we had lost the finals to Boston! But as it turns out, we won again, back to back champions… feels like its going to be a great summer. Much love to the Lakers. Enjoy a song from the Basco Bros. “I<3LA"

  1. quadfours says:

    Your song was ringing in my head during the last few seconds of that game. I first heard it during your performance at the Museum of Tolerance last month. Is it okay to upload a video montage of the Lakers win with your song in the background? I promise to give credit! Cheers!

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