Quick Poem For Pacquiao…

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Uncategorized


So the thing I want to write about this week is Manny Pacquiao. For those that don’t know who he is, he’s a professional boxer and he had a big fight this weekend… and won! He became the first boxer to win a championship in 8 different weight classes and has put him amongst the greatest boxers off all time… and the great thing about this is the fact he’s Filipino.

You have to understand why this is important to me and my whole community… He’s become the most famous Filipino ever! I mean the last time our community was getting any shine in the world media was because of Imelda Marcos and her shoe collection… that wasn’t something you can necessarily be proud of. When I came to this town of Hollywood, I would audition and casting people would ask me what ethnicity I was, and when I would tell them I was Filipino, there would be a blank expression on their face… they didn’t even know what that was. And of course there were no roles for Filipinos. My career and resume was built on playing everything from every kind of Latin to every kind of Asian. Being Filipino is made up of both the Latin and Asian culture I was able to relate to both and play both well on camera… and believe me, I’ve always been thankful for that.

But now that a Filipino has risen to true greatness in the world, I am proud. It’s no secret that growing up in America and in the American media and entertainment, were living in a white world (or more politically correct, Caucasian world). Were bombarded by white images, but also other communities have their stars, Black and Latino stars. There of course are great movie stars and athletes, and have rightfully become American heros… I’m just happy to see one of my community rise to greatness and be amongst the best that ever were. I know in my own way I’ve been pioneering in the entertainment field and hope to succeed more throughout my career, but I have to applaud the man for all he’s accomplished.

I wish my grandfathers were alive… They were both proud men… I would have really liked to watch a Pacquiao fight with them and see how they would root on their countryman…. they’re kababayan.

  1. Glad to hear about more Filipino’s succeeding, i’ve worked with a couple of Filipino’s and I can honestly say they are some of the coolest people I have ever met!

  2. Isaia says:

    Exactly. I feel the same way.
    Everytime a fight comes one, I run to my neighbor’s house where he gathers family and friends to watch payperview. And we all cheer wildly and loudly with each punch.

    It’s because for as if one moment, a filipino (moreover an average looking one from humble beginnings) is not just someone from a third world country, someone to be looked down upon.

    But someone to be admired and cheered for!!

  3. You have every reason to be proud Its great that more Filipino American’s are succeeding. You talked about being politically correct when you said white instead of caucasian, I think there is TOO MUCH Political Correctness nowadays, I think sometimes it gets to the point that people are so PC that it’s offensive. My son once said, “Mom, we’re peach colored.” And if people want to get really technical, I might be considered MORE white because I am anemic and look really pale. Ack, I could go on a whole tangent about it. LOL. And all I wanted to say was excellent job, Dante!

  4. Maylan says:

    I absolutely love the audio. Simple and short, but straight to the point. I got goosebumps at the end, to be honest.

    And I know what you mean about Pacquiao. I’m also Filipino-American, and I watched the match in a house full of family and friends. I was standing next to my uncle, who I’ve never really seen excited about anything and he was jumping and shouting up to the roof. It got me really excited too. To see someone of my culture up there on the screen winning. I’m sure your grandfathers would have enjoyed it as much as mine did. Pacquiao is amazing.

    Although, I have to say, you’re quite the inspiration yourself. I love the hard work you put forth, and I think one day soon, YOU are going to be the new Pacquiao for Filipinos out there. Let me be the first to say that you are my Pacquiao, and I’ll work hard for my future as well.

  5. Evan says:

    Dante, please keep the post coming bro! Especially any short poems or monologues, I love reading your work. I also wanna thank you for the book you wrote, I received it about two weeks ago. Every chance I get I’m reading it.

  6. Sammie Grace says:

    Of course he won. He’s Manny Pacquiao. PACMAN ALL THE WAY!!! Unfortunately, my family wasn’t able to watch the fight, but I’m sure it was epic. I understand your frustration completely (I’m a fellow Fil-Am, btw). There seem to be roles for just about every other ethnicity but ours! Most of the kids in my area probably don’t even know the Philippines exists and are under the impression that Asia consists of China and nothing else. I live in a predominately white neighborhood so when I was little, I would get mistaken for Hispanic and even African-American… They were either ignorant or blind. Maybe both. I’m surprised. They didn’t recognize a Filipino in Hollywood? I mean, we only make up a good percentage of the LA area.

    I have noticed a recent rise in Filipino celebrities. Like that guy from the Black Eyed Peas, and Charice who appeared on Glee. My inner Pinoy pride has officially been rekindled, which hasn’t happened since I saw the Les Mis revival with Lea Salonga as Fantine. And, of course, Dante, there’s you. You’ve always represented us and I applaud you! I’ve wondered, do you speak Tagalog? I don’t, but I can understand it pretty well, and same with my Filipino-American friends. I feel as though I’m missing out on a huge chunk of culture. It’s kind of sad 😦

  7. Tan-Tan says:

    My respect for you have just skyrocketed. I know you were an American-Filipino but to be holding the name of the Filipino blood proudly just made me look at you at a new perspective. It made me even more proud that my favorite cartoon I hear in television is a proud Filipino! I am so a fan of yours now 😀

  8. Lyring says:

    I have been such a fan of your work… especially your work as Prince Zuko. I am so glad you’re back in the series. My family is OBSESSED with The Last Air Bender. I hope a prequel gets made about the story Iroh and Zuko.

    Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino!

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