E True Hollywood Story

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today I was reminded that everyone in LA is apart of their own (and sometimes someone else’s) “E True Hollywood Story”. Meaning that everyone in this town, while chasing their dreams, get exposed to the darker side of what Hollywood has to offer… Over my last 25 years in this town, sadly I’ve had a few.

I was reminded today by waking up to a phone call from a reporter from New Yorker magazine doing an article on a director I worked with over a decade ago. This is a film that I had shot over a decade ago… matter a fact, I shot this particular film twice due to the madness of the director. Just how mad I didn’t know until I got this phone call this morning.

Turns out this man is on trial for 11 counts of rape of actresses he lured into his apartment on the grounds of casting them in his next film. Beyond that, his son is on trial for the murder of his girlfriend. What a wild way to wake up and searching to remember all these things that happened over a decade ago.

My memories of this film bordered on ludicrous… The script was a bit crazy to begin with, yet that is par for the course in this town and yes, I knew of the crazy director making advances toward the lead actress, but again, that is nothing new in Hollywood. On top of the crazy script and the crazy director, the director had a strong stutter and would take a bit of time to communicate to us… I’m telling you, this could have been a comical SNL skit… not so funny now as I find out how horrible it all has ended up.

I don’t really want to talk about the facts of the whole thing as its still in trial and I’m sure any of you interested can find the case online and of course in New Yorker Magazine in an upcoming issue. I just want to comment on the fact, that as an actor in this town, you can come across some of the darkest sides of humanity and the path of chasing your dreams…

And like I said before, sadly, it’s not the only dark experience I’ve had in my “E True Hollywood Story”.

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  2. Wow that’s crazy, i’m glad there is still some good people in Hollywood though who are able to stand up for what’s right.

  3. Tracy Cruze says:

    You can’t be faulted for something that you had no knowledge or control over. I guess those of us who lead “regular” lives forget that the ugliness can reach all walks of lives and anyone can be a horrendous prick. Just don’t blame yourself for it. It wasn’t your doing.

  4. kissofdanger says:

    I think I know who you’re talking about Dante. Some truly crazy things do happen in Hollywood. This world is very small and sometimes we unwillingly get dragged into others negativity.

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  6. Tracy Cruze says:

    It’s not your fault the guy was a creep. It’s a sick world at times, and I’m sorry you got pulled into it. I just hope you don’t blame yourself for it. You’ve got a lot of talent and a lot to offer the world. Try not to let the negativity pull you down.

  7. Tracy says:

    As a survivor, I can honestly say that I hope you do not blame yourself for what happened. You’re gifted and talented, don’t let this drag you down. Not all of us are famous, but we all have stories that pull at us. I’m not going to research the story. If you mention it, that’s different, but I’m not into digging up dirt. I’d rather hear what you have to say.

  8. Athena says:

    I’m mostly just sorry that it’s come to the point where people have grown to accept it, to say, “Well, that’s Hollywood. It sucks, but that’s what happens here.” I’m sorry that you have to deal with that so often.

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