Last Time I Fell In Love…

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Poems

Last time I feel in love

Deep was the whole I dug

myself into

Deeper the Atlantis

I prayed like a mantis

That this rock that I found would someday

Grow into a planet

Now in the matter of the heart I may play the fool

But the pussy of hers had gravitational pull

Still I keep it cool

Even though I knew

I was falling

Every night I was calling

On the telephone we be talking

& we were rapping till the sun came up

The only adjective that I can give is beautiful

& we all want something beautiful

Speaking of the mental and the physical

But then there came the spiritual

In soul searching I sought

& somehow found you

I promised to make you my girl

I promised to give you the world

& we lived happily ever after…

For a year of my life

Maybe the happiest year of my life

But then came the fear & the fights

And certain things that happen the dark

That did not appear in the light.


Who’s to blame for doomin’ this perfect union?

Fingers point to me as I cheated & lie…

& I can’t even come up with a clever rhyme for that one.

But I do remember that one


When you kicked through my door and I witnessed

My first girl fight

As you grabbed & dragged that girl

Out the closet door

Across the hardwood floors

Scratching & screaming, screaming & scratching

How could you?

In our house… In our bed.

& as everything turned black

I turned red

You yelled, I yelled back

Then my face you slapped

In a millisec I react

Then all of a sudden, in comes my cousin

& I’m slammed against the wall to my back

Next beat

I’m out on the street

I’m drench from my head to my feet.

& I’ll never forget the rain on my face

that night that I dissed you

Like the soft raindrops on my face

that first night that I kissed you

& I cannot lie now and say I don’t miss you

Or that

I don’t think about you everytime I listen

To The Mis-Education of Lauren Hill

The 3rd track

& its not that I want you back

I just want to apologize for acting wack

& let you know that I am chilling

before things get worst

And of course I want to fall in love again

But maybe I should grow  up first.


  1. Tracy says:

    That freaking kills me. I’m so sorry that it happened. 😦

  2. Kat says:

    This was riveting. If it was me, I’d accept your apology and wish you well. But since it’s not, I’ll just wish you well. 🙂 It takes a man to admit he’s wrong. Good luck with the next woman in your life.

  3. abe says:

    Great poem (though having never been in love i have trouble relating to it)

    But that is not why I am commenting

    Mr. Basco I am a huge fan of your work as the voice of Prince Zuko, Jake Long, and as Rufio in Hook and I was hoping I could email you a few questions related to these ventures

    good luck with all your future projects


  4. sandra says:

    really good. powerful. thanks for sharing this.

  5. Giselle says:

    Your ability to move me with your words is incredible.
    It amazes me how a poem can bring out so many emotions; you Dante have a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing it.

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