Talk to My Soul

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Verbal penetration

To impregnate a nation

With twins…

A boy named Revolution and a girl named Revalation

But this birth wasn’t simple, there were many complications

Evil, racism, hate & discrimination

Lead me and my people into disinegration

Boy, you’ve been complacent

Trying to live your life for monetary compensation

As if “money” was the measure of a man, but man, you’ve been mistaken!

No I’m not player hatin’…

I send you my best wishes

That you will find your riches

Bet your britches on that day I’ll wish you cagradulations

But time is wastin, its no time for a vacation

It’s time for confrontation

Me being the poet, I do my job dissemination

To spread the word

Lose the guns, keep the roses… Have a little patience

We can break it down to the common denomination

Soul to soul communcication

Get at me on that level, we’ll continue this conversation

Till then I bid you peace & salutations.

  1. TJ Mizuno says:

    that was dope

  2. Nadia says:

    brilliant I absolutely love it!!

  3. Meleknur says:

    great, i love it !

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