A Poem called “Debt” for tax time…

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yo, I know I posted this poem before, you can check it in the archives to see the words, but it’s tax time and I had to post me spitting it one time.

Again, I have to thank all those who came out to the Rufio Ink party, it really was a big success. I have to send love to my partners, Arianna and Jason. AJ Raphael for performing, all the artist and my boys at Tankfarm for making it all possible.

Please support and pick up shirt at RufioInk.com, I know it’s only guys sizes at the moment, ladies, I do hear you… You can pick up an x-small though! We’ll be printing the girls tees up soon, as well as other designs.

For all those doing your taxes, I feel you… I really hate this time of the year, I too need to confront a lot of papers and sit face to face with my accountant and get through it.

Good luck! God knows I need it too!

  1. Paris says:

    Hey Dante, when’s there going to a women’s tee?

  2. Athena says:

    I really liked this one. It has an interesting balance between a sort of sit-down-chat with a friend, while still being a poem and lyrical in that way. Great message, and well read!

  3. fan from Russia says:

    Good time of day, Mr. Dante, I’m a fan of the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, we’re all waiting neierpeniem new avatar, but a pity that such a character as Zuko will no longer be ((I’m planning with other fans to create a continuation of season 4, and will articulate themselves I personally voicing Zuko. I hope someday to see Zuko, and that it would have articulated YOU =) Regards, Dmitry

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