Posted: July 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

So here I am on the set of a new show for NBC called, “Prime Suspect.” One thing you have on a set is a lot of time. It’s true what they say, its a game of “hurry up” & “wait.”. But its all good, its something you get used to.

So here I am, writing a post on my blackberry, just want to give a taste of what really goes on these television sets. Right now sitting on the steps of my trailer, its nice in there but I rather enjoy the nice day in LA. I’ve already gone over my sides a dozen times. (Sides are the small copies of the script that they print out of the pages were going to shoot today) As I wait, I’m wearing some headphones listening to a hip hop mix, right now some Drake is playing. I’m itching to get on set to actually do some acting, definitely looking forward to working with Maria Bello, she’s a pretty dope actress.

See right now, I’m in a place called “Base Camp.” This is the place that all the trailers chill, all the actors trailers, make up & hair trailer, wardrobe & the producers trailer too. Most importantly the catering truck is here & they are cooking up something that smells good. People don’t realize how important food is on the set… They help everyone keep going, sometimes 14 hour or 16 hour days. If you keep the crew fed well everyone works happier. From base camp they carpool people in vans to & from set.

I dig my outfit, I got to help pick everything out a few days ago during a wardrobe session. I’m wearing this dope tank top with stars on it… I like it, I’ve been rockin a lot of tank tops this summer. Wardrobe is important for me, if I feel like the character, much easier to act. This character is named Bounce, a NY street artist… That’s right up my ally.

Anyhow… I just had a little time & wanted to write about what’s going on. Back to reading these lines a few times, they probably going to call me set soon… Hopefully!

  1. Tracy says:

    Do let us know when this episode airs, I’d definitely like to see it. 🙂

  2. Jenn says:

    Gah, that sounds like fun. I agree, let us know when it airs!

  3. sharaf momen says:

    many people nowadays are still hoping you would continue american dragon series season 3 and 4 , will you listen to us fans

  4. sharaf momen says:

    please , we hope you are planning on doing season 3 and 4 for american dragon jake long series, please dont let us fans down

  5. Watching you now man! My wife and I were like, “THAT’S RUFIO!!!” and then proceeded to do the Rufio chant! You’re great dude!

  6. Louie Davis says:

    WOW! Keep it pushin’ DANTE…Looking forward to the new show! God bless and take care…Amen.

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