Lunch alone at Pinks

Posted: September 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

So here I am, sitting alone in a corner table outside in one of LA’s classic dive spots. I don’t even necessarily know why I’m blogging right now, as this not a food blog. Maybe its because I’m feeling a little like Anthony Bourdain from “No Reservation,” or maybe I’m so in love with my new Blackberry Bold, I just wanted to use it, in any case, maybe it just one of those days (& anytime you feel like writing is a good time to write)…

A half hour ago I was driving around & found myself starving and thinking, if I can eat anything right now, what would it be. In a blink of an eye I’m standing in line at Pink’s. I don’t know why… Is it the best hot dog in the world? Probably not… (although it is pretty damn good) The line is always too long and moves too slow. I am convinced they think they are some kind of LA night club & keep the crowd in front to show everyone just how cool they are. So there I am standing in line, I brought my “nook” to read to pass the time… (Enjoying the last book in the Hunger Games Series, “Mockingjay”)

I always find myself surveying the menu to see all the great concoctions they’ve made up, especially the ones inspired by Hollywood, the town they’re smack dab in the middle of. Like the “Lord of the Rings,” a hot dog with onion rings on top or the “Martha Stewart” dog… I have no idea what that one is all about. But being a Virgo or a creature of habit, I always end up ordering the same thing: 2 chili cheese dogs & a cream soda, please… Yes, everything on them. (Onions & mustard)

Now, I always rush through the first one, the snap of the hot dog, the delicious chili with the tang of the mustard & bite of the onion, really quite perfect. Wash it down with a gulp of cream soda. And as always, I look at the second one and wonder why I ordered it. It was bad enough to be here in the first place, as far going out to “junk food,” but there is no reason to over do it. On the other hand, there is no way you can wait in that ridiculous line and order just one thing.

In the end, I always take a bite or two, feel that will suffice. I do love this little place. In a town that sometimes seems so surface and has its eye on what’s “new,” its stands out as one of those places that have been around forever. It’s a great mix of tourists & some locals, some great chili dogs & just a classic piece of LA.

  1. youree says:

    Being the country girl I am, I can’t relate, but I felt like I was there. Thanks for helping me escape my box…even if it was just for a second.

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