Sword Fighting Will Always Remind Me of My Childhood

Posted: September 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

So here’s a little video that a bunch of you have seen already but I was out of town this weekend (having a good time in Kansas City) and didn’t get to see it all. Watching it now is kind of fun. I can’t believe its been so long since I did Hook and getting together and getting together with Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker was great. These two along with Ted Katzoff we’re my actual fencing instructors and choreographers for the film.

A few friends told me watching this reminded them of there childhood and for me me it does the same, literally, its visiting with old friends… and sword fighting.

I remember being very young, growing up with 3 brothers, watching Star Wars and getting toy light sabers from our parents. And they weren’t the real cool one they have nowadays that make sounds and look like replicas of the ones in the movies. No, these were the ones who’s handle was one of those old, cheap red flashlights and the sword part was some see through PVC pipe… but they were the greatest things ever. We would have epic battles in the garage with the lights out.

And then as a teenager I got to live out those childhood fantasies playing Rufio…

So much has happened since then, but hanging out with Dan and Jan and picking up a sword again had all those feelings come back to me and it was so much fun. You know, it makes me think, I really want to do another film where I can do some swordplay, I mean when can you pick up a sword in real life and do some sword fighting. I guess I can really join a fencing club… (but I’d rather do another movie, you know what I’m saying)

So although I’ve been around this town awhile, I’m still a young man, I hope I get the chance to do another character that’s good with a sword and hopefully be as cool as Rufio… (that might be a hard one to come by, but one can dream)

  1. Tracy says:

    I think you may get that chance again. I hope you do. Swords are great fun! (Not that I am some sword crazy person) But you ought to take up fencing just in case you do get a part, then you’ll be more than ready and maybe you can teach someone else a thing or two! Plus, you can live out your Rufio dream. 🙂

  2. Jenna says:

    I had actually not seen that video before, so thanks for posting that. 🙂 It took me back to when I was younger as well, yelling “Ru-fi-OOOHHH!” at the tv. It would be awesome to see you take on another role like that, whether it’s as cool at Rufio or not. But practice does make perfect, so I have to agree on the fencing idea. Get some new training, then go out and snag that dream role again.

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