Paradise Broken

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

I know I’ve been slacking on my youtube page, I’ve gotten a few comments and yes, I admit, I have been. But, to my defense, I have been quite busy. Been to Hawaii and back for a film festival, and our film, “Paradise Broken,” did quite well, one festival coordinator even said that it’s the best film to ever come out of Hawaii… I’ll take that praise. Been to New York and back and the whole time been writing a new script with Kevjumba and Benjamin Arthur for an upcoming film were doing together.

And maybe I’m just telling you all this because I’m making excuses for myself being a little lazy… In any case, I’m uploading a video with footage from the film that just opened in the Hawaiian International Film Festival and I hope you take it as a token of my apologies for being such a slacker…

& I hope you dig it…

PS… I promise I will upload some new videos and I just got an assistant who will keep me on point… & tape me.

  1. The movie looks intense. It’s as good an apology as we could ask for. Congrats on doing well at the festival.

  2. Purpleorb says:

    I want to buy this movie..I’m a fan of yours and have worked in films with katherine mills.

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