Fashion Sense: Fanny Pack Game

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Fashion Sense
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So people often tell me I have good style, you may think so or not, but I do love fashion. I attribute that to growing up and living with my aunts, Bernadette and Caroline, my mom’s sisters that were just two years older then me. They always had Vogues and Cosmos around the house and I would flip through every page, literally… from cover to cover. I mean, I loved super models (Christy Turlington was my favorite, probably still is) and somehow all that fashion seeped into my brain. So, I just want to blog about what I think about fashion every now and then and when I do, I decided to call these post, “Fashion Sense.”

That all being said, this is my first post about it all. Fanny packs… I know, it’s kinda funny and controversial actually, because of the nerdy stigma it has on it. But lately I’ve been digging them. There’s a few things a play here and why I started rocking them lately. First is function, I mean, as style would have it our jeans have gotten tighter and that means less pocket space. The baggy jeans of the 90’s are out and skinny jeans are in and ironically at the same time as all this is going on our cell phones got bigger, way bigger. Our cell phones became smartphones, more or less computers in our pockets, and not only that, now we have tablets that we toting around, let alone if you’re like me and you love taking pictures and your camera phone isn’t good enough (I don’t care if have an iPhone, nothing compares to taking pictures with a nice camera, I shoot with the Sony Nex 5n) we’ve got a lot of gear to carry around. And a bulky phone protruding from your skinny jeans is just not sexy… The other thing is for guys, we don’t have a lot of ways to accessorize, and maybe it’s just me, it’s one of those small ways to show a little more of your personality. So in the picture are two of my favorite ones of recent, the Herschel bag, which contrary to popular belief is not purple, it’s actually “eggplant,” and the Gucci, which I’m not always big on rocking major labels, but was a gift from my girl and it’s grown on me. My choice for getting a bag is that it can hold my camera and tablet and that it looks good. So… go out there rock your fanny pack with pride, join the Fanny Pack Gang, matter fact, post some pics of you sporting one here!

  1. bernadette abasta says:

    Quite surprised to see my name on this blog – good times when we were younger! I was much more courageous back then, I remember my high school tea party wearing hot pink tights, black lycra dress, and a pair of earrings that I made the night before in swarovski crystals – one ear was ’19’; the other ear was ’90’, the year I graduated! Miss you and Sam, I hope to have some free time soon so we can all get together! Love, B

  2. DragonTeens says:


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