Posted: March 14, 2012 in Philippines

On the long boat ride back to the mainland from an island of the shores of Palawan, I have an overwhelming feeling of calmness. The boat slowly rises & falls as it trudges through the current and the beautiful landscapes passes in front of my eyes. I remember with a smile, earlier in the day, playing on the beach with my brothers & sister, like we we’re children again, splashing about, daring one another to eat the tiny clam we caught beneath our feet. This place brings us back to a simpler times. There’s different pace around this island, I can literally feel my heartbeat slow down, giving me time to stop and look around… I can’t help to think of the men who work around the island, the boat men. They’re not far from the age I am, they don’t even look too dissimilar from me. Their skin is darker, shades darker from the days, months, years spent in the sun. I look at them and think I could of easily have been one of them had not been for a few different choices made by my grandparents a few generations ago. I could be here on this beach, with a helpful heart for all tourist who come through, day in and day out… And I wonder if I would take for granted this majestic view as just the backdrop of my everyday life.

  1. Fish says:

    This blog is great. You are very insightful.

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