48 Hours In Palawan

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Philippines

You know something is happening to you when things that were once so foreign to you just a few days ago now are common place, they become something you’re used to… some way, even expect. When you replace the intricate Los Angeles highways with the single road that twists and turns through the countryside, replacing the sights of rapid transit buses and trains with Jeepneys and covered motorcycle trikes all over filling with local faces and color. You know something is changing in the psyche of your mind, the very chemistry in your body. Riding a boat with bamboo parts has become apart of your everyday transportation, just a way for you to get to where you need to be… Yes a transformation is underway… And you welcome it. You’re no longer reaching for your designer shoes, instead preferring the 2 dollar slippers you purchased from a small make shift store on the side of the road that the locals refer to as Sari Sari stores and the three pieces of food you’ve become to expect to see at every meal is rice, pork and vinegar. Its only been two days but I can swear its been at least a week, I’m convinced on this island time slows down, maybe its telling me that every now and then I need to slow down. Just slow enough that I can see this world, take in the experience and then that’s when it happens… This place seeps into your pores as you slow yourself down and somehow manages to unlock something in your DNA that connects you to it… to this place, these islands… The Philippines.

  1. aftday says:

    Everyone, no matter how connected, no matter how important or popular, should experience the solitude of low tech.

  2. Mahal says:

    i enjoyed this- vivid and simple.

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