First Night In Boracay

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Philippines

Last night was a heavy one…

We left the simpleness & tranquility of Palawan and took a flight back to Manila to transfer us to a flight to Boracay. In the Manila we united with our parents who arrived in the Philippines the day before to join us for a segment on the trip. It was great feeling to be all together for the first time, our whole family, in our homeland. My parents were elated… We all were.

But then due to traffic on the runways, we were delayed taking off. While in the air, our pilot instructed us that due to the lack of proper lighting at our original destination, because of the sun now setting, we will be forced to land at another airport, Kalibo. The problem with this is this other airport is nearly a 2 hour drive away from our original destination.

Now landing into this small airport, somewhere in the country part of this small island was a little choppy and its a strange feeling to be surrounded by the chaos rumbling around you, all in another language you don’t speak. The same heat and humidity attack you, our group was a bit on edge, but the 2 hour van ride served as a good time to catch up with Mom and Dad… That’s how it goes sometimes traveling in the Philippines.

Upon reaching our original landing destination, Katiklan, we were greeted again by boats… There still was the ever present boat ride that I’ve become so accustomed to out here in the Philippines. So, now we take our half boat ride to reach our final destination… Boracay.

Now during shooting a simple shot of the family docking in the port… One of our camera men walks into the shot with a look of worry and desperation on his face, he couldn’t find the bag that held our entire sound, mics and recorders, thousands of dollars of equipment. He was panicked to say the least, we all were. He jumped on the next boat back to hopefully find it in the original port.

We head to the hotel, now more stressed, now more on edge. The series of mishaps in the day, from hours of travels and thought of the loss of the entire sound of our project was the very thing to push us over the edge at dinner. While eating at local restaurant on the beach, the frustrations and fears of my brothers and sister spilled out in an emotional fight that definitely shut down the restaurant and nearly got us escorted out of it.

There was many things said and many wounds that need to be healed, this project and the day was a catalyst that also brought up deeper issue that date further back in our history… Along with the love of a close family comes the issue that sometimes fester and need to be aired… Through all the tears, we continue on this journey knowing there many things to work out, but also honoring my parents and this place and how special it is that were all here together, knowing we will probably never be together like this again as we’re all growing up, starting our own families…

After this long night, we woke up early, together to see the sun rise… A new day.


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