Posted: March 18, 2012 in Philippines

I woke up this morning to pictures on my blackberry of my nephew’s wedding that was happening while we we’re asleep in the Philippines. Its ironic that we’re here shooting a documentary about family and roots… And we end up missing an important day for one of our family members, my eldest brother, Derek’s, eldest son, DJ. It was one of those situations that is a sort of shotgun wedding, we didn’t know about the wedding until we had already arranged this production, itinerary was set, tickets were bought and we were a week and a half out when we found out of this wedding date, to have changed things whould of cost us thousands of dollars, maybe even the production itself. Things had to move forward, but its still sad to have missed this day. Our wives, girlfriend and fiancé went in our place to represent for our family show the newly weds love.
It was good to see the pictures taken by my fiancé, but when I saw the pictures of the empty chairs in the front row that they left open to honor us… It broke my heart. I love my nephew and I wish him and his new wife, Mary, years of happiness.
These are the days when your away from home when everything looks foreign, your surroundings, the people, you feel like an alien, not of this world. These are the days when your blackberry serves as both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it keeps you connected to the business in Hollywood, emails of agents and managers to keep you on the grind as your aways. A blessing because you can bbm your girl to say good morning and wish her a goodnight, and say I love you out of the blue when ever you want… Its a curse because you’re given little bit of sorrow to see the things you missed half a world away, including my nephew’s wedding…
Yet through out the day, the spirit of this island pulls me out of my funk. Boracay, the energy of an island that many found as an escape from the world, a paradise seen by the original foreigners that came here as artists and saw a place where they can create their dream life…

  1. Loreta says:

    Beautifully written. Xo

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