Posted: March 20, 2012 in Philippines

Once again on boat, something I’ve grown so accustomed to out here in the Philippines… But this morning, its a little different. We’re in Davao, the capital of the southern island of the Philippines, Mindinao. As we cross this bay, the water is calmer and the air is thicker. All of the Philippines is hot and humid, but down south, today, its more so. Its not sticky and troublesome, actually the opposite, there is something comfortable and soothing about this air. The clouds cover the sky as to pocket us in haze and as our boat softly makes its way through these waters, we move as gentle as ghost through the night…
But its morning… in Davao.

The afternoon is beginning to end and we are on a boat ride back to the city from the island of Samal off the coast of Davao. The waters are still calm and the island in which we explored today, leaves me with that same sense of calmness. We’ve been working non-stop now for over a week, again today with a 6:30 wake up call. It felt like we we’re rewarded today with the fortune of shooting this paradise island resort, Pearl Farm. The problem is with running around this island that is set up for tranquility and relaxation, it was hard to work up the energy to actually work! But things had to get done and in a short amount of time. So me, my siblings and our renegade crew of cameramen and producers set off on this task. We got everything done and were of course the last people to enter the last boat returning to port today. As we leave, I can see the tide has risen by the crystal blue water that has elevated underneath the bamboo villas on stilts that stretch across the beach front. I wonder if I’ll ever return to this little island… Then that thought leaves my mind as realize we have a show to perform tonight… We need to rehearse.

As evening came and night fell, the heat and humidity didn’t… The air is still warm and unescapeable. We found ourselves at a little coffee shop called Bluegre. Its a place where my cousin runs and set up a night of bands performing, including me and my siblings performing a few songs. As we sat down, we saw a few bands perform, one being led by a young lady with a haunting voice, reminded me of a young Lauren Hill or female Bruno Mars, the talent in the Philippines is amazing. The islands are filled with music and dance and when I witness this, its no wonder my family gravitated to the arts. As the young lady was singing, she went into a rap and was slaying it, with a robust staccato, in Tagalog nonetheless… We got so hyped, she ended up just passing me the mic! And then I started rippin’, back to her, then to my brothers… It was an amazing evening. It is one thing to connect to someone through the sharing of our cultures, being both Filipino, its another thing to connect to someone through art, because we are both artist and something is exchanged… That impromptu cypher led to my dropping a poem and introduce the rest of the family a nd dropping a few songs. It was just a wild evening and hopefully will be a great part of the documentary… I’m so exhausted now as I lay in my bed, typing this up on my blackberry, I can barely keep my eyes open. I’m sure this is an imperfect post due to my fatigue, for that I apologies… I just need to get this out of my head before I fell asleep…its been a great journey so far, but not without it’s cost… Many nights, the cost has been the lack of sleep… Goodnight, Davao

  1. Jayme says:

    Dante, you should also come to Cebu! >_<
    It's so cool that you're here in the Philippines with your family and that you're all having a good time! 😀

  2. elvisadivine says:

    This is beautiful… it seems you have turned out alright indeed Dante. Might have had something to do with having Filly parents 😉 I’ve never been to the Philippines and when I read descriptions like this, a flame inside me burns brighter as my appetite for travel increases. I can’t wait to finish my studies and finally meet my familia in Albay!

  3. Disva says:

    Sounds great, can’t wait to see the finished work! Try to rest, though, hah

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