Fashion Sense: Vintage Vespa

Posted: August 17, 2012 in Fashion Sense
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I know this is the fashion post in my blog and I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m writing about scooters. We’ll let me begin with telling you that I love motorcycles. Like most kids with protective mothers, I was always warned to never ride them, but growing up watching Evel Kneivel and Fonzy on “Happy Days,” I just always wanted to ride a motorcycle.

I think like most boys, from the first time you learn to ride a bicycle, the idea of jumping on the back of a motorcycle is instant. I never got to ride one due to my mom, but when I booked a film called, “Biker Boys,” we’ll… I had to learn to ride one, I had to, it was part of my job!

Now, I own motorcycles, I’ve owned a handful of them over the years… And today I own two. I have a custom Harley Davidson and a 1979 vintage Vespa P125x. I do love my Harley but around town and everyday riding, I must admit, I’m often seen riding around the streets of LA on my Vespa. Matte black, never washed, race number on the side and a few stickers posted about representing the things in this world that I like.

Although, the Vespa isn’t the biggest  and baddest motorcycle out there, the thing I love most about it is it’s all about style… your personal style and that’s why I put it in my fashion blog. The history of the Vespa goes back to the Mods and their fashion somehow connects with the hipsters of today. Just riding on a Vespa is somewhat romantic. I imagine I have the same feeling riding around as some young Italians have riding around a Mediterranean village somewhere…

So as far as fashion goes, it’s all about self expression and that’s what Vespa has become. You can pick up a Vintage Vespa for pretty cheap, get it running, it’s such a simple engine, then make it yours, paint it the way you want and add all the stickers on it you like, that represent you. I live in LA, I hope more people start riding around on motorcycles and scooters, save gas and turn this town into a more stylish place.

  1. hawkgirl27 says:

    Dante i think that pretty cool to read about. My brothers ride so i can understand the fear. Truth be told if i could ride i would i dont theres anything like it.

  2. if i were to drive a motorcycle, it would have to be super unique,,,but thats just my opinion

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