Birthday Poem 2012

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

The moment you realize you’re no longer young

See a photo of the past of the things that you’ve done

Twenty years fly by, lost track of time and space

Reflection in the mirror, don’t recognize the face

I mean it is you, though some things have changed

There’s more character now, sculpted by experience and pain

And I don’t want to be the type that worships the youth

Trying to hang on too long, crossing the line from enhancement to abuse

Or be apart of society that values children over wisdom

I’d rather be the sage elephant over the spring chicken


I just want to grow up gracefully

Tastefully going through this wonderful thing we call life

Without the extra added pressure of having to lie

About my age, it’s like tearing out a page from your personal history

And personally, I don’t want to lose a single memory of the places that I’ve seen

Or through out my life the different people I have been.

From the b-boy in the streets, hat out for donation

One time leader of the Lost Boys and prince of the fire nation

To the poet helping sculpt the voice my generation

So on my birthday, I don’t wish to be any younger

Knowing age is just a number

I’m secure in who I am now, but still in wonder

Of what’s to come…

  1. Awatiti says:

    Bien que je sois francophone mais j’ai trouvé les paroles trés belles !

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