Unveiling Jose Rizal Statue

Posted: September 30, 2012 in Philippines

It was an honor to be apart of the unveiling of the Jose Rizal Staute in Carson, CA. It was the first statue to go up in the International Sculpture garden. I was able to do a segment of one of Rizal’s poems called, “To the Filipino Youth.” You may wonder why it is important to have a statue up of Rizal, for Filipino’s it brings sense of pride. It’s important for a community to see greatness within their history and I hope that recognition can inspire the youth to aspire for greatness in the future.

  1. mercadeo says:

    The external and internal portions of the church used to have various interesting relics and artifacts, but most of which have now been placed at the Baclayon Museum. The museum is located inside the convent on the right side of the church. Baclayon started the trend in Bohol of establishing parish museums. The amount of liturgical material preserved in Baclayon is impressive. It contains a rich collection of religious art, old gold embroidered ecclesiastical vestments, librettos of Church music printed in Latin on animal skins, an ivory statue of the crucified Christ, a statue of the Blessed Virgin, and other priceless relics and artifacts dating back to the early 16th Century.

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