Posted: October 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So tonight I went to a gathering at the Levi’s Haus. (Yes it’s a house all about Levi’s.) And the gathering tonight had to do with this platform created and released by Joseph Gordan Levitt… The whole thing is quite amazing, it’s called “hitRECord.” It’s hard for me to explain, I’ll let joe explain… Check out the video at hitRECord.org
Now, being a creative type, this whole idea appeals to me. Create and collaborate. I think you should check it out. Especially all my fans on tumblr. So many of you are amazing artist, I’m sure, there’s something on this that you would dig. (Who knows, maybe we can do the “Dante Basco Tumblr Movie” through it.) [if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a tumblr thing…]
In any case, check it out. I think Joe is brilliant and is on to something really special, maybe I can be apart of it… Maybe we all can…


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