Fame & Fortune

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So I was remiss in posting a pic via Instagram in front of a quote and not giving due credit to the person it came from. Chris Heads is a photographer and I stumbled across this quote hanging outside a gallery in Beverly Hills on Robertson and Beverly. I thought it was a cool quote and took a picture in front of it. I’m just getting to know some of his work and digging it.

I was just taken a bit by these words because like most artist I struggle with this ideas… Fame & Fortune… And why exactly did we set out to become artist in the first place and where and when does the world of commerce come creeping into your life and how do we control that.

It’s been on my mind more lately then ever in my life… Now that I am grown up in the industry and my talents have led to not only acting, but now… producing, writing, directing, being a partner in a production company… Sh*t is getting hectic!!!! Well, I mean, you know, I’m learning a lot. It’s just now, more then ever, am I being bombarded with business and talks of percentages and “Intellectual Property,” and lawyers and emails and texts and phone conferences!!!! Your boy is growing up…

And yes, I have made many mistakes… I continue to make them as I learn. This is the thing, I grew up as an artist and in that world, I love to collaborate and create… Hell, I would do all that everyday, all day for free. But as an artist you have agents and managers and lawyers to protect you and make sure there is ample compensation for it all. As much as creating is fun, there is commerce involved and we all have to live our lives and we have to find a way to pay for that…

So as I go through this, coming of age process of business in this industry I grew up in, I apologies to the people I have made mistake with. I’m thankful for those who have taught me lessons, even the harsh ones. I’ll do my best to be better on the next project.

I know when I posted this quote earlier, some people on my blogs we’re offended, I apologize, never meant that. My intention was towards myself. I, like most artist, ponder this idea and theme… it reminds me of something I wrote once… “You should want to be good, more than you want to be famous…”

  1. Jenn (bluetarako) says:

    Well, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart that you were kind enough to lend your wonderful voice to my little project for free. ❤

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