Posted: October 29, 2012 in Fashion Sense
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So headphones have been in style for awhile now… From the picture, you can probably see I have a bunch. Why do I have a lot of them? The real reason is… there is no reason. It’s funny, I love accessories, as I’m sure a bunch of guys do, yet we don’t have a lot of things to buy. You shouldn’t O.D. on jewelry, though some of us do. You can only buy so many belts and scarfs (which you can’t wear that often) and sometime we just find something new that comes into fashion and we end up buying them, maybe more then we need to sometimes. Sure, yeah, they’re functional, we all have smart phones these days and we can use them but… I definitely don’t use them as much as they’re price tags would make you think you would. Ok… If you’re from New York or a metropolitan city, and you spend your time trooping around town on and off buses and trains… yeah, then I think it’s all worth it… But I live in LA, I spend my time trooping around town in the atmosphere and privacy of my car (which has a better stereo system then any headphones) and find my self rarely using my expensive trendy headphon
All that being said, I’ll give you a quick review on the favoriteones I have:es. When I get home, again, I have a great home stereo system and never put on these damned headphones… So, when do I use them? When I’m working out at the gym, sometimes when I’m getting into a zone before an audition, when I’m playing poker (to look cool and look like a pro) and they spend most the time chilling in my house looking cool by themselves. Certainly I use them enough to have one pair, but the I admit, I’m O.D.ing a bit having the four or five pairs I currently have.

Beats by Dre: Sound is good, a lot of bass, great for hip hop, the most popular of all headphones right now, (matter fact mine got stolen from a valet) yet, for some reason they feel cheap. Come to think of it, the ear part fell apart a few times and I had to put them pack in myself.

V-Moda: I really love these headphones, great sound, even more important, they have a great feel, they are well made, just feel solid. Plus they give you a bunch of stuff. A hard carrying case and even extra headphone chords. Also, their cords are wrapped in nylon material, which I prefer to rubber.

Skull Candy Aviators: Very cool retro looking headphones, also great sound, not as bass drivin as the the Beats, but a real clean sound. I love the look, yet I would never work out in them, also cord isn’t removable like the other headphones, could easily get damaged.

That’s what I think, you probably only need one pair of really dope headphones, I should hook my brothers or cousins with the extras I have… Sometimes it’s trial and era when you’r trying look good.

  1. Alyse says:

    Might I add another pair (just because I’m a headphone enthusiast myself, but that’s mostly because I’m stuck riding around on my bike or the trains :3) WESC. They’re a snug fit, guaranteed not to fall off while you’re moving, though I feel they are a bit too tight at times.
    Not much bass, but the quality of sound is still high, plus the cord is a cloth material, which seems less likely to fall apart over time. 🙂
    //end of obsessing over headphones lol

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