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I wanted to repost this today because my grandfather would have been 100 years old today, 12/12/12. He past away two years ago and I miss him very much. He was the patriarch of our family and was loved by us all. It’s amazing that he came to America in hopes of a better life and just two generations later, I’m making movies in Hollywood. He truly made my life possible. So today, I honor you grandpa, happy 100th birthday. I love you. Miramaming salamat, po.

Dante Basco: My take on life...

Here’s to a long life

Six children and a strong wife.

20 grandchildren

18 Great grandchildren… I think it is, if I didn’t mess up

Could of seen your great-great grandchildren if Jo jo would just hurry up.

But that’s only half the story

Not even half the glory

Of my grandfather, Damaso Basco

Patriarch of the Basco Family

Glorious lifetime that spans nearly a century

You made being a Basco feel like being a Kennedy

One of the most important parts of my identity

And I wear it with pride as were left to carry on your legacy…

I often wonder how you survived World War II

I can’t imagine the things that you went through

But the greatness in me, is the greatness in you

And I recognize & see the distance between

Pittsburg, CA and Pangasinan, Philippines

Is the same distance between

Pittsburg, CA and the face of a Basco…

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  1. Awww…dedications. Know ur Lolo is very proud 😀

  2. Wil Geier says:

    my dad’s pop died when he was four years old or some shit . . . it’s weird for the new generations who never knew their forebears, talking to the people who /did/ know them

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