Cash Money Party. Grammy Weekend

Posted: February 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Ok, I’m up in this Grammy party right now and I’m blogging… Not that I’m bored up in here, it’s just pretty chill and I’m probably a little tired still from the Levi’s/Frank Ocean party last night. I decided not to drink tonight, so I really clear to observe what’s really going on and I just feel like writing about it in real time. Plus my girl went to walk around and make a round with one of her girlfriends.
First off, it’s freezing in LA, which doesn’t put me in the best mood, second, it’s pretty packed in here. Paris Hilton rolled in with a little crew about a half hour ago, I think she just rolled out, I guess she’s over it already… I’m kinda feeling that… But no one has performed yet and word on the street is there is supposed to be a surprised performance by Lil Wayne, Nikki Minaj and Drake… That would be dope. We’ll see if that happens… Hold up, Drake just walked in… Drizzy is up in the piece in red leather pants… Guess he’s getting his hip hop Michael Jackson on. He can actually pull it off. Hey, I’m a fan if his… Plus he shouted me out on “Money To Blow.”
Ok let me describe the rest of the room to you… The party is in a smaller sound stage, it’s pretty packed, but somehow manger to stay pretty subdued, it’s decked out in a Las Vegas theme.. Got to admit, pretty classy. As I walked in the Justin Timberlake song was playing… (I’m feelin that song btw) the stage is dope, great little light show, the lights they use in the big concerts, like the hanging LCD’s or something… There’s burlesque dancers in lingerie dancing on stage… Stripperesque… But still kinda classy… I mean, kinda, you know…
The weird thing is all the VIP couches in the back of the room are empty… I mean where’s the rest of the Cash Money Crew… Maybe they got stuck on the blizzard on the east coast.
The food they’re passing around is good and the bar is open… I’m going to grab a drink and hopefully the holy trinity of Cash Money come out. I’m just an actor at a music party… Hell, I’m just happy to be here…

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