Collar Shirts…

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Fashion Sense
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I was just thinking… How many days can I go in a row wearing collar shirts instead of a t-shirt? It’s like, when I walk around LA everyone is so casual… it’s like everyone is wearing t-shirts and jeans… I’m talking EVERYBODY! (I’m really talking about guys) I just feel, now as a grown up I want to get my shirt game up, I don’t want to be so casual and informal about life… I want to be able to dress up a little more in life, without having to do it for some event or what not.

I look at pictures from the past of people that I look up to and see them in their everyday life and I see all this great fashion and look, whether it be skinny ties and tailored suits of the Rat Pack or just the simple elegance of Cary Grant. Even just looking at pictures from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s… they are just great images of a fashionable American Culture. I fear we’ll look back on this time as a whole generation walking around in somewhat witty graphic t-shirts and over priced denim.

I just want to look better than that… or maybe I’m just growing up.

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