Philly to New York… Swarthmore

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Blog
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So I’m back in LA and just wanted to blog about my trip last weekend to Speak at Swathmore University. It was an amazing trip. Shout out to Allison and Wendy for bringing me out. First off… The campus is beautiful, yo. Walking around Swarthmore was like walking around what you dream of a quaint college campus would be like… Old stone buildings filled with character and vast open spaces and fields and capped off by a train station right out in front of the main field that opens to the campus… Reminded me of Hogwarts or something.

I was tickled to see that the promo of my coming to campus was chalk drawings in front of a few heavily trafficked buildings… like the cafeteria. (Check the pics…)

Then I was pretty blown away how well attended the event was… I mean, Swarthmore really represented for me… And the talk was great. I hope everyone enjoyed the poems and the discussion about Asian American. All the students were intelligent and the conversation was poignant and… hopefully I was entertaining!

While in Philly I was able to meet up with some friends and it’s always great to reconnect with old friends.

One in particular is my boy, Derrick Savage, who I always called… DBlack. The crazy thing about him is he now heads the film department and teaches at Kensington CAPA. We got to know each other when he was getting his Master’s degree somewhere around a decade ago at AFI. It’s crazy to see him as a teacher now.

I was planning to spend my one day after my speaking engagement in Philly getting together with fans in a coffee shop or something. One of my now infamous, impromptu “Hang Outs” I’ve been doing around the world. But last minute, I got the opportunity to speak to the students at Kensington. These kids were great and I was so impressed that my boy, DBlack got 98% of his graduating class into college. Cheers to making a real difference in the lives of the next generation. Now, the thing is, all these kids are all studying film, so what happened is, they wrote a script and asked if we can shoot it for youtube! What am I supposed to say? I said hell yeah!

So we shot that… Looking forward to getting the edit soon from them and I’ll post it on my youtube channel. It was so fun working with them, I definitely got the feeling that the next generation is going to be alright.

From Philly I was off to New York so hang with some New York friends. I’m not going to get into all that, I posted som pics for you guys to check out and if you saw me in New York, you saw what I was up to… but let’s keep it on the hush. Nothing I love more than getting lost in the Big Apple.









  1. swarthmoreasianorganization says:


    Thank you so much for coming to Swarthmore- there were people who said your talk was the highlight of their year! You really made our annual APIA month a memorable experience. I'm glad you enjoyed your time with SAO! We will all cherish our Dante autographs and pictures.

    All the best,
    Swarthmore Asian Organization (especially Allison + Wendy! and karl (pinoy pryde~))

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