Speaking to Students & Coffee Shop Hangouts…

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Blog

So I’ve been back and forth lately across the country and it’s been a trip… Literally. Now that I’ve had a little time to catch my breath, I can sit in the lobby of this resort in Palm Springs and reflect on my last month.

I’ve had the pleasure to speak to many students from a handful of UC schools in Cali to a bunch of schools on the East Coast including Duke, Brown and Swarthmore. At this point in my life and career, to be able to spend time and talk to the next generation, has been a real education for me. Half the time when I’m talking to the students, it feels like I’m as interested in them, if not more, than they are in me. If you we’re in the audience, I thank you for coming. It’s been great to discuss my career and really see what it’s meant to many people. I’ve been acting over twenty five years, longer than most of the students I’ve been talking to have been alive… and when people tell me that not only have they grown up watching me, but they’ve seen me grow up… It’s kinda special. And further more, to talk about Asian American issues and what my career has meant to the widening of what it means to be Asian American, is something I’ve have just come to terms with recently. So often in Hollywood, we as actors are so busy keeping our boat afloat in this town that we don’t always recognize what we’ve accomplished, especially being ethnic in this predominantly caucasian business. Talking about it all helps validate it for myself, as well as helps getting a blueprint for the next generation to ultimately surpass my generation.

So, it’s been amazing, if we’ve got to meet lately while on the road, you’ve all taught me so much. I hope in future I’ll get to speak to more schools and continue the conversation.

Now traveling so much lately has really taken it’s toll… I’ve always thought of people who travel as much as I have lately as something very desirable. From rockstars to traveling businessmen, hoping on and off planes, always in a new city. It’s always been somewhat of a romantic thought for. But traveling as much as I have in the last six weeks, I longed for my bed at home and to actually wake up in the same time zone. It was definitely harder than I imagined. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time, but when I travel, I prefer to spend more time in these wonderful cities.

Through my travels, on my day off, I got do something fun… I got to just hang out with people that follow me online. I don’t know how I came up with the idea, but I just figure, I show up in a new town and not knowing a soul… You know, that’s a lonely feeling and if I can just reach out online through, twitter and tumblr and just let folks know that I’m here having coffee if anyone wants to hangout. Honestly, I originally figured maybe a handful a folks might come by, if anyone is free and it’s always fun for me to meet new people. I just dig that, especially people who I might of shared a conversation online with. It’s cool to see that all these people actually exist… like, in real life. So, I just hoped at least one or two people would show up. Maybe I would buy them a coffee and we can talk… Like friends do. I don’t know if it’s weird or not… maybe it is… maybe I’m weird… But I’ve just been blown away. I can’t believe how many people have come out on last minute notice to just hangout. I love talking about anything and everything, meeting all of you around the country. It’s strange sometimes when you walk into a coffee shop and it’s literally filled with people who just want to say hello. It’s weird because I never have anything planned, I mean, when you grab coffee with friends, there’s never really any plans… I mean, grabbing coffee is the plan. But these hangouts in these coffee shops around the country have been some of my favorite times as of late. Just want to thank everyone. I promise to keep them going as travel around the country… And there are so many places I’ve never been. What better way to discover these new towns than through hanging with some locals.

Hope to see you soon… I’ll buy you a cup of coffee.

  1. Let me know if you’re ever in St. Louis or St. Charles MO. I know the BEST coffee house. EVER.
    Take it easy doll…you are amazing!!

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