Midnight Makeout blog…

Posted: June 1, 2013 in Blog

So it’s the day before the Midnight Makeout Session and I’m sitting back stage during tech rehearsal. It’s really an amazing feeling to write something and see it come to life. I find myself so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing artist and making something that I thought up a few years ago flourish into something beyond anything I could of imagined. Beau Sia coming in to direct and stage this play has really been magical. He really understands the play on so many levels, paints the perfect portrait of all these characters with the acting and poetry. A phenomenal cast… Dion, Sascha, PJ, Andrea and Jasika I watch them act in disbelief that I wrote that. And Munic coming in to executive produce the play has taken it to a whole other level! He tripled the audience to receive it and conceptualized a whole Midnight Makeout Session experience taking place after the play including “Spin the Bottle,” “7 Minutes In Heaven,” “Kissing Booth,” taking us all back to a more innocent time in romance.
It’s really been a journey. Shout out to my sister, Lady Basco, coming in saving us on the music, Snyder killing the lights and our MVP intern Viannka.
Before anything happens tomorrow, I just want to say how amazing it feels today.

  1. davidcfraga says:

    so what cartoons have you voiced over recently?
    -Venture Brothers
    -Ultimate spiderman

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