Fashion Sense: Packable Jackets

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Fashion Sense
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So I haven’t posted a fashion blog in awhile but we’re in the middle of summer and I had to post this. Recently I fell in love with packable jacket, it the ideal hoodie or jacket for these summer months. I bought my first one this year at the Columbia store (shout out to Lori! thanks for hooking me up!) The great thing about jackets like this are they are light weight, all you really need for summer, as I’ve been traveling around in places like Tampa, a little rain may fall and they’re perfect for a light rain coat too. Now the other great thing is when you’re not using them it folds down into its one pocket! If you see me walking around LA, you’ll probably catch me with one of my jackets hooked on the carabiner on my hip, ready to come out when the times right. Just a little piece of cool, functional fashion…

Just a little fashion tip for the fellas…

from my vine…





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