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Posted: October 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It’s Fall and I decided to write a new Fashion Sense Blog and today I’m talking about the “Pocket Knife.” I’m sure there are a bunch of you out there that are thinking, what exactly does pocket knives, or any knives for that matter, have to do with fashion! Well, as I am a guy, and I dedicate this part of my blog to “guy” fashion, the pocket knife is actually something that can fall in the realm of what we (or at least I) deem as fashion. First, as I’ve said before, as men’s fashion doesn’t have all the levels of what women fashion has, I tend to find myself always playing in the accessory world, it’s a place that we as guys can be more expressive of who we are. And like watches can be seen as functional jewelry to us, as can pocket knives be seen as functional accessories…

Now maybe it’s because I ride motorcycles and bicycles or just because I’m a boy! But I’ve always liked pocket knives and tools, I think it’s just in our DNA. It’s always great to know you have some tools with you just in case something goes down… even if it’s just having a handy bottle opener on you. (Truthfully, probably what I’ve use most with mine.)

Now the above pictures are some from my personnel collection, but let’s talk about brands. First and foremost, I love Leatherman. I grew up on television and movie sets and crew members who I would hang out with always had a Leatherman on their hip. They are kinda like the Swiss Army knives we all grew up with. I actually have grown fond of those again, recently. Swiss Army opened a store in the Beverly Center and I found myself in there a few times browsing to see what pocketable pieces of coolness they have to offer. They have a bunch of new things that cross into the tech world, like pocket knives with jump drives or mp3 players. But as far as a great tool, I still love my Leatherman.

What makes these knives fashionable is the fact that you can wear them. If you catch me around LA, I’ll almost always have a knife on me. I love the way it looks popping it’s head out my denim pocket, I use the Leatherman Skeletool. Or if I don’t want to roll with a full size knife, I’ll have my Leatherman Squirt hanging of my carabiner. Don’t sleep on the size of that mini Leatherman, a guy told me he hiked all the way to Canada and back with that being the only tool he brought with him and there wasn’t anything he encountered that the Squirt couldn’t handle.

So… that’s my take, I love them, an accessory that every guy should have, either on him or at least in the car. If you find a cool one, you can show it off by wearing it. But sooner or later, something is going to happen and you and the people you’re with, will be glad that you’re “that guy” who was carrying a pocket knife.

  1. Paris says:

    Hello! I’ve been following your blog for a while, but this is my first comment. I’m a multi-tool carrier myself, and I entirely agree with you. Practical is always fashionable!

  2. boredmuse says:

    Longtime lurking fan here. What are the names of all the tools from left too right in the first pic? I can see that the last one is the leatherman tool you mentioned.

  3. Teenie says:

    That pocket knife is very Rufio of you. He would approve. =) Love it. I have a pink leatherman I carry with me in my purse and have used it many times, mostly surprising guys since they least expect a lady to be so handy!…PS, I’m in the works of constructing a Rufio costume for Halloween. I’ll be rocking it during my Crossfit Halloween WOD and super excited for it! If Crossfit were on Neverland I could see Rufio being a coach or at least a member, couldn’t you?

  4. Michael says:

    Nice blog you have there! I believe pocket knife have their own personalities. You have a great collection of pocket knife there.

  5. Meng says:

    Love your blog, love this post! (love the movie hook and rufio too) I am a knife nut, collector, user, and designer, always have at least 1 in my pocket. Love your post about them being useful, practical and fasionable, all true, and its so great to have someone in the biz talking about them. Just one thing to say, Bangarang, Dante, Bangnrang!

  6. Michael says:

    Nice collection of pocket knives! I like the middle one..amazing

  7. But I’ve always liked pocket knives and tools, I think it’s just in our DNA. …

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