“30 something…else” #the8th

Posted: February 8, 2014 in YouTube

So as it is the 8th of the month and I’ve been talking and blogging about this #the8th movement of us, as Asian Americans taking over the 8th of the month creating and releasing new content… Here’s is what I have to offer. A web series written and produced by myself and friends, Cheryl Tsai-Perez, Angelo Perez & Frieda Jane, called “30 something…else”, about us being in our thirties and realizing it’s not exactly how we thought it would be. Check out these fun episodes and to get on the list of #the8th, go to: WeOwnThe8th.com and spread the word about my project and any new Asian content you come across today by reposting with #the8th!

More episodes:

http://youtu.be/N6L0oXwqrEc -Poolside

http://youtu.be/sITAdbnjRpg – Baby Talk

http://youtu.be/aRQ4hwBBLE0 – Table For Two


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