Not So Random Thoughts: The Olympics

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Not So Random Thoughts
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I’ve been really wanting to write more… Just long form, to exercise my writing muscles and I guess just, workout some of these thoughts that swim around my mind. So from time to time on my blog, I’ll be writing these essays on just things. You may not agree with my point of view of some of the things going on in the world, but that’s ok, I won’t be offended, I’m just writing to add to the great conversation that is the internet… So with that, here’s my first essay from this series I’m calling, “Not So Random Thoughts.”

So now that the Olympics are done and all the hoopla has run us over about who won, who lost and who came close. Still hung over with the comical conditions of bathrooms and facilities for the media members attending the events and the mishaps of things gone wrong, like the last olympic ring having somewhat of wardrobe malfunction, not being able to thouroghly be exposed, my head begins to clear and other realizations begin to set in. We are so concentrated on, through patriotic pride of our personal countries, our respective medal count, who beat who and who should have done better than they did. I can’t help but to be somewhat taken aback by the fact that at times like this we totally missed the point. 

     At times like this, I remember things like… to win at the Olympics, is not the actual point of the whole thing. Sometimes watching ESPN or the nightly coverage, it might lead us to believe that it is, that to win at any cost, to bring pride and fame to your homeland, is what the Olympics are all about. But that’s not it all, I mean, I know it’s apart of it all, but it’s not actually the point. The point is actually being there. Yeah, just being there… all of us, the whole world, competing in a goodwill games in the hopes of the highest form of competion, not the definition that pins us against each other to tear us down, but rather the type that unifies us and pushes us to excel to heights beyond any of our expectations. The point is us, the world coming together, walking, competing… and yes playing, not unlike we did when we were kids, along side each other, you know, even the countries I never even knew existed. And somehow through these frivolous games we play with each other (like kids in a sandbox) we find out we’re really not that different.
     Now, I’m not an athlete, and I’m sure some of you athletes out there, may feel, that me, an artist pontificating about all of this, has definitely missed the point and the passion of the athlete. Well, I’m not an athlete, but I am a fan, and of course I root for my country, I was bummed we didn’t get the gold in women’s hockey, was even more shocked we didn’t medal at all in the men’s, (I’m sure all my Canadian friends are loving life with bragging rights for the next four years) I was happy we got the gold in couple’s figure skating (yeah, Canada, it was close, I’m not quite sure how they figure who’s actually better when it comes to that, but we’ll take it) also it sucks that Sean White didn’t get a medal and I reveled in the fact JR Celski got a silver medal being a Filipino American like myself. (Heck, I even rooted for the lone Olympian from the Philippines when he did his figure skating routine)
     So I don’t want to say that it’s not good to win, or that I didn’t want us to win, because I did and I cheered like everyone else for our guys and girls, I just never want to lose sight in life, of what the actual point of things are, I don’t want it all to just fly over my head. I don’t want to forget the importance of us competing in a country, Russia, in which a few decades ago, we refused to do, as they did too when we held the games in Los Angeles, side effects of the Cold War. Growing up in the 80’s having total fear of this mortal enemy of ours, actually finding it hard to sleep at nights as a kid, with the fear that nuclear war could break out at anytime, causing World War III and the destruction of Earth itself… And now here we are, playing games with each other, in the snow, even having a few chuckles due to silly things like technical hiccups. It’s a magical thing that every few years, the excuse of getting together to play games, like children, can make this great big world, a small world after all.

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  4. Roderick says:

    Congratulations to Chelsea on winning the FA Cup.

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