Daylights Savings Time…

Posted: March 9, 2014 in Blog
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As winter melts into spring… and I know, I live in LA so not much snow here. But recently, I was in the Toronto area, in the Great North… Canadia, and my thought as school let out and I saw the buses open the doors to elementary school kids walking around in subzero weather, was that all these kids are tougher than almost everyone in Los Angeles, for conditions like this would surely shut this city down. But as we get close to time miraculously jumping forward making our days longer, warmer, I’m particularly looking forward to it this year. I don’t know… it’s Spring, a rebirth for everyone and I like to think that anything is possible. I guess, anything is always possible in this town, where people are discovered everyday, overnight sensations happen some nights and great comebacks, well, comeback with a bang! But somehow in Spring it feels even more possible, it’s like Mother Earth herself is giving us a little help. So, I’m not ashamed to say as Spring comes… I’m hopeful. Excited to see what’s around the next corner, the longer days inspire me to work out a little more, jump on the back of my motorcycle, spend more time outdoors and maybe all the hard work done in the cold of winter will sprout the new life in the Spring… I would say this feeling is worth the hour less of sleep I’ll lose in the morning.

  1. davidcfraga says:

    ever thought about doing comic conventions?

  2. Jhenne Ty says:

    Wow, thank you for sharing this– I haven’t thought of Spring in that light in a while. I think we all need to though, that’s a good outlook to have.
    (I still miss my hour of sleep though. I’m slightly jealous of the Arizona peeps who don’t observe that’s DST. They didn’t have to adjust anything, haha.)

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