Thoughts While Traveling… New York.

Posted: March 12, 2014 in Blog

So as I travel around this country… and this world, I always get this feeling, or have this thought… that I’m walking around some Hollywood set filled with extras and store fronts filled with props and what not of life going on. It’s always amazing for me to see a whole city of people… millions upon millions of people… who don’t give one second of thought about what’s going on in LA.
See, I’m from LA, and well, you may be from whatever city you’re from, but sometimes, being where we’re from, we sometimes get caught up that our city and our world, or just us, as individuals are the center of the universe… There’s nothing like traveling and getting lost in the sea of people, a new surrounding, landscape, not comfortable to you and witnessing people, literally not giving a shit about any of the happenings of where you call home.
Refreshing really… Sometimes I get caught up so much in what I’m trying to accomplish for myself and my family and friends, its great sometimes to just see some people in the middle of the night, laughing, in the lower East Side, Village, laughing, randomly dribbling a basketball somebody pulled out of someones trunk of the car and others exclaiming what they go to do next time they get on the court. Laughs and smiles… Wearing winter coats and scarves they actually need to use to keep warm, not just some accessory some Los Angelino, like myself would wear to accentuate an outfit, but an actual necessary article of clothing to protect them from the harsh wind that cuts through thin collars.
Traveling… Sometimes it’s good to be introspective and take stock of who you are and other times it’s good to get out of your space to see the world move and breathe on its own… at least it’s good for me.

  1. laurenlola says:

    What an enlightening post Dante! Definitely gives perspective from someone who lives in such a fast-paced city. I’ve always enjoyed travel by means of escape, but at least you’re escaping into another “life” for a while.

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