The Cosplay Ball

Posted: April 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

As I’m on this plane to Chicago, already embarking on my next event. I needed to write a little about what just happened last night. See last night, still fresh on the minds of some of those who were there and fresh online, across several post on instagram and tumblr, was an event that we threw called, the Cosplay Ball.
A few months ago, I had an idea to throw a party for all of the wonderful people I’ve met online and throughout the comic convention world. We put a team together, including friends in the industry, Bryce Papenbrook and Giancarlo Volpe and we called ourselves, Fandom Society. We decided to throw a big party and have everyone dress up in cosplay, including ourselves and just have a big get together or hangout. One of our partners, Rob Valletta, got us one of the biggest clubs in Hollywood, the Supper Club and along with our other partners, Sammy and Snejana we found the most amazing interns and we set off to make this all happen. And last night it went down!
Honestly, we sort of just jumped into it and was off running getting things set up and making cosplay outfits, but somewhere in the middle of preparations and me going in and out of town so much, I didn’t know how this would all turn out. I wanted to make a cool event that people would come to and hopefully have a good time. There’s nothing that makes me more nervous than throwing a party and wondering if anyone is going to show up!
But last night, we packed the Supper Club and nearly everyone was dressed up. I was so happy with the turnout and the fact that so many came repping their fandom with top notch cosplay. All the people that came were amazing, but also all my friends from the industry that showed up and hung out. Shout out to Kevin Michael Richardson, Jack DeSena, Greg Finley, Laura Landa, Adrianne Curry and creator of Avatar the Last Airbender, Bryan Konietzko (even he dressed up in Fire Nation garb… I’m so impressed) Part of my underground agenda was creating a place to hang with fans and celebs, not unlike a con, but taking down the wall between, us and them. Literally throw a club for the geekdom… and I think it worked.
So some highlights from last night… The early meet and greet, we were just packed in there early, just casually having drinks and talking to everyone. We had a fun photo wall set up so everyone can take pics in front of it, a little touch of Hollywood red carpet. A great live stream with Mike Capes, great interviews with all kinds of folks in the house. Then as Giancarlo, Bryce and myself welcomed everyone and set the party off, the big red curtains opened the aerial show began. Throughout the night several performers descended from the hundred foot ceiling, including, Catwomen, Spiderman, Wonder Women and a certain Fire Lord before a dj set. The Megas performed to the crowd rockin out, even screamed for an encore. And my friend AJ Rafael came in to do a Disney medley as the whole house sang along with all the songs. I ended up breaking in and doing a Fire Nation remix on “Let It Go”. Ummm… what else happened? Oh yeah, somehow, we ended having a dance circle and soul train line.
I’m sure I’m missing so many things… If you were there, help me out and add to this in the comments.
All I can say is although it was our first time doing this and there are a bunch of things for us to work out when we do this again somewhere in the world… it was perfect. I’m still a bit exhausted from all the hard work and the little sleep and cramped on this plane heading from sunny California to the bitterly cold Chicago, but last night we did it you guys… We really pulled this off.
My last shout out is to the girls that interned for us, you guys worked your asses off and this success was your success too. So thank you Haley, Alexa, Jen, Vivian, Sophie and TIffany.







  1. Bri says:

    Oh my goodness it looks like you all had an incredible time! I sincerely wish I could have gone but alas, I am so very far away. But Dante we all appreciate you doing stuff like this for the fans and fellow enthusiasts and being just so darn down to earth, it really means a lot. I’m glad to see that this was a hit!

  2. laurenlola says:

    That is awesome! I really wish I could have gone. It looks like the Cosplay Ball was a big success! =)

  3. wickedchilde says:

    Looks so fun! So happy to see you in a Zuko cosplay, it somehow feels like everything is right in the world now because of it haha. Thanks for writing these blog posts, they’re enjoyable to read and even though I met you back in ’09 you still continue to inspire me to this day! 🙂

  4. Nicholaus says:

    Hope to see you at Sac-CON again.

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