Do you believe in ghosts? (& it’s October, perfect time for a ghost story)

Posted: October 3, 2014 in Not So Random Thoughts
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I was just awaken in the middle of the night, I heard what sounded like a hand on the doorknob of my bedroom and padded feet walking across my hardwood floors to the side of my bed. Half asleep, I admit I was a bit scared, well not scared per say, but nonetheless, a bit frozen. As I felt a presence next to my bed I struggled to open my eyes slowly, thinking, I live alone, I wonder if a cat or something somehow got into my apartment and was wondering around or my girlfriend, decided to come back in the middle of the night and climb into bed. And as I struggled to slowly open my eyes to see what visitor I had in my room in the middle of the night, my mind flashed back to my youth…
I remembered being less than 10 years old in the back room of my grandma’s house. Now this was sometime in the 80’s. That night happened to be a night of a “prayer,” which usually meant there was a potluck in the neighborhood and many families would gather to someone’s house, tonight, being my grandmothers. It was basically a potluck, everyone brought different dishes and mostly the kids would play, men would be in the living room eating and watching tv while the women would be in the back doing a prayer, usually the Rosary. See, I’m Filipino and as Filipinos, we are Catholic and my grandmother being from the homeland, the Catholics there can sometimes lean towards a Catholic religious way mixed with some old world practices that may remind you of occultism. In any case, I remember being in the back room where all the old ladies gathered around the the alter, portraits of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, usually a plate a food that sat at the alter as a form of offering. Now, this gathering happened every week, somewhat of a social gathering in the Filipino community, but tonight was different.
As me and my brothers made our way to the back room, I remember seeing the elders on their knees, dressed in all white in prayer, with cloths gracing their heads, the difference tonight is they weren’t saying the Rosary, no tonight they were saying some different kind of prayer. Matter a fact, I remember there were women I didn’t know in town from the Philippines and the prayer seemed so much more serious on this night. No how I remember it all was that woman were praying and praying hard. What does that mean? Well, I don’t know, it does seem kind of ridiculous now describing it, but let me tell you, however they were praying, it was fast and furious, so furious in fact that it began to physically change them. Yes, as they furiously prayed, their bodies would begin to move, first swaying then into a full convulsion, some would have tears streaming down their cheeks, others not so much, and then at the peak of the commotion, they would drop. Yes, drop to the ground, pass out cold. I remember one lady, who was my Auntie Alice from the Philippines, passed out and was caught by my grandmother to ease her collapse to the wall to wall brown carpet of my grandma’s bedroom floor. Then in the next moments she awoke, yet she awoke, not as my Auntie Alice, the cousin of my mother that recently came from the Philippines and would sometimes babysit us on nights my mom and dad stepped out, no Auntie Alice all of a sudden had become someone else entirely! As she woke up, she became this child. Yes, all of a sudden she had become a little girl, a little girl with a different voice. Auntie Alice’s Filipino accent had been replaced with the voice of a young girl, a girl with from England, with a British accent in fact and her name was Littles. If you think I am telling you that I witnessed my aunt get possessed by a young British soul… you would be right, that is exactly what I’m telling you! This thirty something year old Filipino women had prayed so hard that she somehow got possessed by an eight year old English girl. Now for some reason me and my brothers weren’t scared by this extraordinary event, I remembered being more fascinated more than anything. Maybe because it was my grandma’s bedroom and it was Auntie Alice or maybe because the spirit that possessed her was so close to my age, it didn’t scare me. Auntie Alice, now Little’s was this total jubilant little girl that was kind of playing with us. She kept asking for grapes, she said she liked grapes and she explained to me and my brothers that she missed food, being a spirit, they don’t get need to eat and can’t taste food anyway, but she misses it nonetheless. We asked her questions like how she died, which she explained, in an accident on a bridge and we wondered what exactly she was doing here. She explained of the spirits or ghost that still are around the living and the people they watch, something about things that need to get done before they can move on and my Auntie Alice was one of the people she had to watch. As she moved around the room she would walk on her tippy toes, as would the others that were possessed, Littles explained that what happens when they enter someone’s body, “We’re not of this place anymore.” Then she she said, almost suddenly, “I have to go,” and in the next instance, her body collapsed and upon opening her eyes, it was once again my Auntie Alice, although with significantly less energy, no longer the mischievous 8 year old, now she was back to being my aunt from the Philippines and she exclaimed how tired that ordeal was on her body. Throughout the night we met a few other ghost, even had a conversation with the Virgin Mary herself… I hadn’t thought about that night in a long time, but with the feeling of a ghost in my room, all those images and feelings rushed through my mind once again.
As I finally got my eyes open, I was half expecting to see someone leaning over my bed, but nothing, my room still dark, I can feel the ceiling fan gently moving the air around my room. I look at the clock to find that it’s 6:19am and I lay awake a bit. I justify that it was probably just the ceiling fan making noises around my room. But as I listened, there was just the subtle sound of the fan spinning round, no doorknob sound, no footsteps, just me laying in the dark… Then I look outside my window to see in the dark that the first sliver of light is cutting through the night, I realize, I probably was awaken just to see the sunrise and so I stayed up to watch the day begin.
Now if you ask me if I believe in ghost, what would I say? Just because I met one when I was a kid doesn’t mean I do, just means I’m not that scared of them.

  1. theaangway says:

    That was a really fascinating story. Was that the only encounter you have had with a ghost as a child?

  2. Thanks for your information A good article and interesting.

  3. I believe I saw my dad’s ghost once. Not long after he died. Within weeks or months or a year or two. That time period is a bit of a blur. I would have been around ten.

    I didn’t think about it for years, until my uncle came to visit, when I was 18. He told me that after my dad died, he felt his spirit there, lingering. He thinks that my dad stayed to look after my family for some time.

    And then within a few months of that visit I remembered, remembered seeing my dad in the hallway, for a split second, the length of a frame in a movie, and chalking it up to a mental trick, filing it under ‘strange psychological phenomena.’

    And, remembering this, I wondered at what a strange coincidence this was. That we both experienced my dad’s spirit in that short time after he died and that 8 years later Pat’s story brought back my own memory of seeing my dad’s ghost.

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