My First Con of 2015! #NewConPDX

Posted: January 6, 2015 in Blog, YouTube

I spent the first day of the year jumping on a plane and heading out to Portland to my first con of the year. Although I did a vlog about the experience which you can watch above, I love to write, so I want to write about it also here on my blog. First off, I love Portland, it’s really a charming town with a cool vibe and it’s very hip without trying to be. It seems like I meet so many great people and I love shopping up there, so many cool boutiques, especially for men, with that outdoorsy mountain man look plus there’s no sales tax!

Now as I’ve been doing cons for a little over a year now here in the US, I’ve been learning so much from all the fans and the scene. I didn’t grow up going to cons and was never apart of this amazing community. Through my work I’ve been welcomed in and somehow been made a celebrity, believe me, I feel fortunate and humbled by all those I meet that have seemed to enjoy my work over the years. The fandom world has inspired me to go back and find all the things in my life that I geek out about, especially the great films and shows in my youth like Star Wars and Thundercats and the list goes on. It somehow helped me re-spark and remember exactly what we’re really doing in this Hollywood business, the magic of it all, telling stories. And it just helps me remember, even though I’ve been here making film and television for years, it’s really all for the fans… and I too am a fan. And it’s truly great to reconnect to that. Also, the more I’m around this scene, I’m always reminded, from the panels to the artist alley, to all the amazing cosplayers, that when you come to these events, you’re surrounded by the most creative people in the world! Now I’m in an industry that is made of creatives, but we can sometimes get jaded because it becomes so much about commerce, to get away for a weekend and surround yourself by creatives that create for the love of it all is refreshing. Going to panels and hearing the passion of people talk and share ideas is incredible. I introduced a friend to her first Homestuck panel and she was amazed to see the engagement of all these folks that comes from a free web comic online. It’s really a testament to the power of artists and their impact on the world. (shout out to Andrew Hussie)

So as the first work week of 2015 began yesterday and I’m set to tackle another year in this town, I thank everyone who I got to meet, at the panels, conversations in the lobby, drinks at the bar… y’all help remind me exactly why I do what I do, I wish you all a prosperous 2015… Cheers.

  1. Sigler93 says:

    Glad you had an awesome time in Portland! You made my weekend extremely rad. From the pictures, to hanging out all 3 days, to my new voicemail, and coming by our booth, seriously, thanks!
    If there’s a way we can chat about some ECCC stuff, please let me know, whether iit’s through pm or email! About that tea plan, as well as talking about some interview/hangout tea time talking about mako stuff. Let me know dude, it would be an honor! (See what I did there?)

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