Faces In Cottage Cheese Ceilings

Posted: January 28, 2015 in Blog

When I was a kid, I have memories of laying in my bed, staring at the ceiling, the cottage cheese ceiling, and suddenly pictures would appear, something like connect the dots, outlines of faces, clown faces, I remember and tigers… I would look up at the ceiling and somehow a swirling cottage cheese world was in there, like little pieces of art, just hanging out up there, always something to look at as I fell asleep.

Recently, I went home to the house of my childhood and by chance got to sleep in my old room. I say by chance because, my family is really big, and when you’re home for the holidays, when aunts and uncles and cousins all make their way home, I usually get a couch if I’m lucky, but more than not I’d find myself next to my brother cuddled in some blankets on a little piece of carpet real estate.
But for some reason, I got the bed in my old room. Now it wasn’t my old bed, the one of two little twin beds that used to reside in the room that I shared with my brother growing up, no this was a new bed is this newly, starkly decorated room for guest. I guess, coming home nowadays, I am a guest, I don’t live there anymore.
But as I lay there in this familiar yet so unfamiliar room, I looked at the ceiling and I remembered all the shapes and faces I would see up there, up there in the cottage cheese ceiling.
But I looked, really stared at the ceiling for awhile and I suddenly realized… there’s nothing up there, all those things I used to see, it’s just not up there anymore, or at least I couldn’t see it.
Maybe as we grow up, we lose our imagination. I was just happy to remember in that moment that I used to see all those images on that ceiling, and then so sad to look up and not be able to see them anymore.
  1. They’re there. They’ve morphed into something else over time. 🙂

    I used to see the same things on my cottage cheese ceiling in my old house. Now I just see ghosts in my room. For real. :-p

  2. I think it’s really hard to hold on to the pure imaginations we had as children, our worlds were so much smaller, but anything was possible. We found wonder and magic in the most mundane things because it was real to us. It’s difficult to hold on to that ability, but as artists/writers/creative people we can look at a blank white page and pull images or words out of seemingly nowhere – to some that seems like magic. Even if that’s not your talent, any one of us can lay on our backs and look up at the clouds and find pictures,animals or faces. It may not come as easily but if we look for the opportunities we can still access that world of wonder.

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