Bouchon Bakery

Posted: February 7, 2015 in Blog

Now, I’m usually not one to review food, I mean, I love good food, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself a “foodie” with expertise in the field, there’s not a stitch of food in my refrigerator and the stove in my kitchen has been cooked upon less than the number of fingers on my hand. That being said, I eat out a lot, probably more than your average person and I might just be qualified enough to write about a restaurant.
This morning after my workout, I was hungry like all of us are after a good sweat and my mind raced back to this sandwich I had a few weeks ago at a business meeting at Bouchon. This “Croque Madam” French ham sandwich with a beautiful sunny side egg atop, laced with a hollandaise sauce, was my idea of a perfect brunch. So I showered and raced down the block to have  brunch alone to study lines before a rehearsal this afternoon.
I got a table for one and my waiter, Adam, was a pleasant man, was delighted that I knew exactly what I wanted as I sat down. He confessed he knew how it felt when you had a taste for a certain thing and the “Croque Madame” was worthy of such a yearning.
I waited patiently and studied my lines for my upcoming performance and when my prized sandwich arrived it was magnificent. Made perfectly like a masterpiece painting, the symmetrical egg atop two pieces of bread baked in house at this very bakery, with a nice helping of thinly sliced, salty ham, all glazed in the creamy hollandaise sauce and accompanied by perfectly made french fries… or pomme frites, as they would call them… the french that is.
I simply got to take a little time off to enjoy my meal and I looked around to find myself in this French bistro, with every detail reminding me if my trip to Paris so many years ago. The wall adorned with mirrors, the intricately tiled floors and the quaint, old world illustrations on the walls with french writings that I do not understand at all.
But brunch alone, amazing food in a beautiful place is something of an escape in the middle of the town. It’s an overcast day and something about it all seemed poetic… I just wanted to share it with you.    

  1. Ben Fisher says:

    This is interesting to read, I hope you produce more food reviews

  2. Hey Dante, just wondering if you’ve seen this video which features an analysis about Zuko as a character, what he represents, I think you’ll enjoy this.

  3. donna says:

    Hi Dante my name is Donna and I am a big fan of yours. It was nice reading this article on your idea of a favorite sandwich. I was just wondering what your favorite Filipino dish is cause I know you’re a Filipino American as I am and was curious. Thanks for reading.


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