Robber or Ghost?

Posted: April 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

As many of you know, I’ve been away shooting a film out of town and so my apartment in LA has been vacant for the last month. My fiancé stops by every few days to just check mail and what not… (probably to clean up, she’s obsessed with cleanliness, my cleanliness in particular) But this story is about something else. See, she texts me to urgently call her and as I’m 10 hours ahead out here in Eastern Europe, I receive the message as I wake up. We get on a facetime chat, I lovingly bid her a good morning, even though it’s the middle of the night in LA. And she says, “Babe, you won’t believe this…” and proceeds to tell the story of her, earlier in the day, going by the place and just doing mail or clean or whatever she does at my place when I’m not around. But she says when she walks into the house she hears voices… first a woman, then a man. She calls out and walk into room where she hears the talking to find that the TV is on and the couple talking is on the screen. She looks around and sees the window is open…
Now, she thought someone must have came into the house, as I’m sure we all would… I mean, the open window still had the screen on it, but how is this possible? And instead of running out to get a neighbor or thee building manager, she goes to investigate herself!!! What is she thinking? She goes to check the closets, under the bed, behind the shower curtain… is she looking for a robber? I don’t know what she plans to do if she finds a robber hiding!!!
In any case, she’s pretty gangsta, I guess… and the only conclusion I can come to is some ghost has been chilling is my crib while I was gone who apparently likes to watch TV! 

  1. Eva Williams says:

    Five bucks says that it’s a robber.

  2. Woah, that would freak me out! I’d have to get out right away, whether I thought it was a robber or a ghost! Your fiance is super brave! :S

  3. victoriastrong says:

    Ha! This happen to us one time. Similar at least… We threw a big celebration at a local bowling alley when my husband completed his training and became a Certified Air Traffic Controller. We took 2 cars so we could play Designated Driver for some friends and I happen to beat him home, with all 5 of our kids. Pulling into the driveway, I could see the garage door had some outside damage and the front door was cracked. Instead of waiting for my husband, I locked the kids in the car and barged in. Searching every room and closet. I didn’t even think about what I’d do if someone was in the house. I think the adrenaline hit so fast, if there was someone in the house, I could of taken em! 😉
    Your fiancé sounds like a total badass…I know I felt like one in that moment lol

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