Recovering From Comic Con…

Posted: July 14, 2015 in Uncategorized


Every summer a bunch of nerds get together in San Diego and celebrate our fandoms… This year was so much fun. I’ve been away from Comic Con for the last few years due to work and family stuff, but I returned this year with a bang! I did a panel with the Avatar family and a great panel called “Super Asian America” all about Asians in comics and super hero stuff… It turned out to be an amazing conversation with Chloe Bennet, Greg Pak, Amy Chu, Sumalee Monatano and others.

Also the parties… I’ve included a few pics of us in full celebration. Shout out to Big Travis Willingham and Laura Baily hangin at the Nerdist party and Jack DeSena and Darcy Rose Byrne at the Avatar Legacy panel. So fun getting to party with friends but it’s really all about the fans, myself included, geeking out on all the things we love and finding some new gems as we wonder around the con floor and gawk at the amazing installations.

There will be a vlog coming soon from this adventurous weekend but until then, I’m just glad we survived!

  1. The Avatar Legacy Panel was a lot of fun. On behalf of the fans and audience, thank you!

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