Posted: August 5, 2015 in Blog


Here’s a shot from a photo shoot from earlier today, this is my car in the movie, “Head Thieves.” The cast, including my brother, Dion and Mickey Gooch, who plays our brother in the film (yeah, it’s a weird movie) and some other crew members got back together today to shoot some pictures for the cover of a magazine.
Getting together with a crew of fellas months after a shoot can sometimes be weird, but we all fell right back into how we were on set. Just a ragtag crew of actors and production, laughing, cracking on each other and really just loving each other’s company. When you get together with a group of artist so effortlessly and doing work together, feels less like work but more like something else… fun, yeah, but everyone is still trying to shine at what they do… direct or edit or act or move the lights and get us through the day. Sometimes it just works. Makes you think, this must be how Adam Sandler’s crew must be like or Judd Apataw’s crew. You know, those groups that always comeback to work together, they make great work, but more than anything, it looks like they’re having fun… and in the end, we had fun, and we still do, every time we get together. Consequently, we made a movie… I think it turned out pretty good, hopefully you guys will get to see it and think it’s good too. But I’m more hopeful we all get to work together again to do another project and have another crazy adventure.


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